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Potato "Svitanok Kiev": one of the best for climatic conditions in Russia

Potato "Svitanok Kiev": one of the best for climatic conditions in Russia

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Potato "Svitanok Kiev" is very popular not only in Ukraine, where it is widely grown in the steppe zone, forest-steppe and woodland, but also in Russia. The originator of the variety is the Potato Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (Litvinovskoe).

Grade characteristics

Potato "Svitanok Kiev" is characterized by direct growth of stems and compactness. Corollas of flowers have a light red color with a purple tint. Root crops are covered with a smooth pinkish-colored peel. They have a rounded, aligned shape. Eyes are superficial and very small. The pulp is creamy white. Contains starch not more than 20.5%.

Mid-early variety, universal use, has a high yield. The average maturity of root crops is 70-90 days. The plant is highly immune to potato cancer and relatively resistant to late blight. Rarely affected by rhizoctonia, viral diseases, common scab and black leg. The high likelihood of being affected by the leaf curl virus requires preventive treatments.

Potatoes: growing in warm beds

Planting potatoes

In order to get a good harvest of Svitanok Kiev potatoes, there is no need for special agricultural technology. It is enough to observe the basic requirements for planting this popular vegetable crop in our country:

  • if the soil is qualitatively dug up and fertilized in the autumn period, then in the spring you should only free the soil from weeds, and also mark the rows for planting tubers;
  • the best precursors for potatoes are any legumes, cabbage, root vegetables, pumpkins, and also cucumbers;
  • it is strictly forbidden to place potato plantings in areas after growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco and physalis on them;
  • Potatoes, subject to high agricultural technology, are an ideal precursor for most garden crops, since the soil after this plant is as loose as possible;

  • before planting potatoes, it is recommended to process the tubers in order to protect them from pests and diseases, as well as stimulate growth and development;
  • such preparations as Prestige, Baikal, Tabu and vitriol, as well as Gibberellin and Heteroauxin can be recommended as preparations for treatment;
  • Before germinating planting material, it is imperative to pre-cull the diseased tubers.

Germination process contributes to the early appearance of the first seedlings and accelerate harvesting, and is also the most effective method of preparing tubers for planting.

The depth of planting potatoes is 8-10 cm, the optimal planting pattern is 80 x 35 cm or 70 x 30 cm. The beds should be located in the direction from north to south. When growing potatoes in seedlings, it should be remembered that the 40-day-old seedlings ready for planting have 5-6 leaves.

Care Features

Potato "Svitanok Kiev" grows well, subject to the basic requirements for care:

  • potatoes are characterized by a very long pre-emergence period, which can be 25 days or more, which involves carrying out weeding measures a week after planting;
  • despite the fact that recently potato growers have been practicing growing potatoes without hilling, this event has already proved its effectiveness and is recommended for cultivating the Svitanok Kiev potato;
  • sprinkling the base of the plant stems with loosened soil not only helps to relieve the site of weeds, but also improves the oxygen supply to the soil;
  • potatoes are extremely sensitive to lack of moisture, and prolonged excessive soil moisture often causes the death of the root system;
  • such a vegetable crop as potatoes really needs fertilizers that are applied both when preparing the soil for planting, and throughout the growing season;
  • at the end of flowering of potatoes, approximately three weeks before harvesting, a positive result is given by foliar dressing with micro and macro elements.

Currently, not only manual but also mechanized digging of potatoes is used in the garden. It is very dangerous to be late with the harvesting of potatoes in years with a strong overmoistening of the soil. Most potato growers recommend starting to harvest potatoes after yellowing and lodging the tops. Early and mid-early varieties are allowed to be harvested until yellow leaves.

Reviews of vegetable growers

"Kiev Svitanok" is one of the few varieties of potatoes that gardeners have come to love due to their stable and high yields regardless of weather conditions. Reviews about this variety are positive, and the assessment of the quality indicators of tubers is very high. When growing, it is very important to observe the planting dates, focusing on the features of the climatic zone. The variety is not very good at growing on depleted and salty soils, which involves the use of high-quality fertilizers.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

The tubers are formed in the bulk of the round, regular shape with a pale pink peel and small, shallow, reddish eyes with up to seven kidneys. The variety is practically the record holder for the amount of starch in the pulp, which is very boiled during cooking, but it retains its excellent taste. The variety is perfect for making lush and delicious mashed potatoes.