Features of the Senator grape variety from breeder E. G. Pavlovsky

Features of the Senator grape variety from breeder E. G. Pavlovsky

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Grapes "Senator", or "Vitis Senator", is a new hybrid form of early-ripening. The period before harvesting takes about 120 days. The hybrid was obtained by breeder E.G. Pavlovsky. The author carried out work on crossing varieties "Gift Zaporozhye" and "Maradona".

Characteristics and photos of the variety Vitis Senator

Grapes "Senator" under optimal weather conditions in the regions with a mild climate ripens in late August. Despite the fact that the hybrid form is considered relatively new, many winegrowers already prefer it.

Biological description

Senator grape bushes are characterized by great growth power. The ripening of the vine and the rooting of cuttings of this hybrid form takes place without complications.

Flowers form bisexual, well-pollinated. The grape cluster is large or very large, round-conical in shape, weighing from 0.7 to 1.5 kg. Brushes are externally attractive, elegant, without signs of peeling.

Technical characteristics of berries

Berries of Senator grapes are brilliant, even in size and collected in fairly dense round-conical brushes. The oval-shaped berry has an average weight of 12 to 15 g. The color of the berries, depending on the growing conditions, can vary from pink to dark red with a purple tint.

Grapes "Senator" has a very pleasant and harmonious taste with a characteristic musky aftertaste, which allows you to use the crop to make high-quality homemade wine.

The advantages of E.G. Pavlovsky “Senator”

Grapes "Senator" has many advantages that allow you to highlight this hybrid against the background of other new forms:

  • very attractive appearance of bunches;
  • high annual yield;
  • stable good rooting and high rates of shoot ripening;
  • getting an early grape harvest;
  • frost resistance up to -23 ° С;
  • lack of cracking berries and peas;
  • the ability to use the variety in winemaking.

Harvested crops can be stored for a long time without loss of quality characteristics. "Senator" refers to the category of marketable grape varieties.

Grapes "Senator": variety description

Landing rules

Grapes "Senator" should be planted on fertile and light, well-warmed soils with a sufficient content of nutrients. This hybrid shows a good result of growth and development, as well as high productivity when grown on the southern or south-western slopes, which are most protected from through and northerly winds.

When planting grapes of this variety, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • a planting pit should be prepared in the fall when planting in the spring or a month before planting seedlings in the fall;
  • the distance between the planting pits should be at least one and a half meters, which is due to the significant growth force of the bushes;
  • with a high location of groundwater, the root system of plants should be provided with a high layer of drainage based on small gravel or expanded clay;
  • the drainage layer is filled with fertilizers, after which an embankment of the fertile soil layer under the root system of the bushes is performed;
  • the roots of planting material need to be soaked for a day in water with the addition of several crystals of potassium permanganate or any growth stimulator;
  • Before planting, you should shorten the roots of the seedling and treat them with clay mash, and also remove all excess or weak shoots.

The earth, which is sprinkled with the root system of the seedling, is compacted and thoroughly moistened. In order to preserve moisture and to nourish the root system in the first two or three years after planting, the soil should be mulched with a layer of high-quality organic matter, the thickness of which can be 3-5 cm.

Care Features

The Senator grape variety is relatively resistant to many adverse external factors. The cultivation of this hybrid in the garden is possible even for beginner growers and amateur gardeners.

Watering and feeding

The Senator grape variety, like many other hybrid forms and varieties, is very demanding on timely watering and does not tolerate excess moisture and overdrying the soil. Watering can be combined with top dressing. It is very convenient to use a drip irrigation system.

For feeding grape bushes with organic fertilizers, slurry or bird droppings are usually used. The most suitable mineral fertilizers are Novofert and Master.

Cropping and shaping

Grapes "Senator" needs timely pruning, which can be both long, for 8-10 eyes, and medium, for 5-6 eyes. The first wreckage of excess shoots on grape bushes should be made immediately after the spring buds open. When the berries have reached the size of a pea, you should spray the plants with fungicides "Topaz" and "Ridomil Gold."

Reviews of winegrowers

Grapes called "Senator" are not only in demand among winegrowers in different regions and regions, but also in demand by consumers. Its berries are always very large and attractive, dark red in color, with a nutmeg aroma. Bushes form very vigorous, but the vine always ripens very well. This grape variety with a pleasant and exquisite nutmeg to some extent spoils only too dense cluster type.

How to prune grapes

According to amateur gardeners growing the Senator hybrid form in their vineyards, the real varietal characteristics are fully consistent with those specified in the description, which is why this is the most in demand among all the new hybrids of breeder Pavlovsky. To date, grapes of this form are rated as one of the most delicious market varieties. Even under adverse weather conditions, a relatively short and rainy summer, the berries do not crack and gain sugar very well, acquiring a very bright and rich muscat flavor by the end of ripening.