Grapes "Shahin Iran": features of the choice of planting material and cultivation

Grapes "Shahin Iran": features of the choice of planting material and cultivation

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Grape seedlings of the “Shahin Iran” are often sold under the names “Early Rizamat”, “Glory to Moldova” or the very famous “Glory to Moldova”. Most likely, the “Shahin of Iran” is an old and little-known variant of the Central Asian variety from the Tajik selection, which can be represented as “Kyzyl Uzum Kanabadam.”

Grade description

This variety is a widespread table hybrid form of high-quality grapes with an early ripening period, which occurs on 120 or 125 days. The mystery of its origin, in the interpretation of which there is still no consensus, does not detract from its many advantages. Winegrowers should remember that under the "Shahineh of Iran" varietal forms are quite often implemented, differing from each other in a number of basic characteristics.

Genuine bushes of the “Shahin Iran” variety have strong stature and bisexual flowers. Bunches of plants are attractive in appearance and very large. The average mass of a bunch can vary from 800 to 1000 g. Quite often, larger specimens are found. The shape of the bunch is cylindrical. Density indicators are average or slight friability is observed. In some years, winegrowers observed peas.

The berries are formed very large and beautiful. The standard size of the berry is 3.6 by 2.2 cm. The weight of one berry is from 8 to 12 g. The shape is elongated-oval. Color ranges from deep pink to extremely deep red. Taste qualities are estimated by many as very mediocre.

However, it should be remembered that the variety has a certain variability, and taste can have significant differences. In any case, the flesh is characterized by meatiness, and the berries themselves are covered with a dense skin. The minimum sugar content is 15%, but most often it reaches 18%. Standard acidity does not exceed 6 g / l.

Shahin Iran Grapes: Growing

Pros and cons of the variety

The grapes of the “Shahin Iran” variety have many admirers, which is due to the advantages of this variety that are very important for most wine growers:

  • the variety is among the highest yielding;
  • stable yield regardless of the region of cultivation;
  • winter hardiness proved during cultivation in household plots was -21 ° С;
  • the transportability of grapes is very high;
  • clusters have very attractive external parameters;
  • pleasant and harmonious taste of ripened berries;
  • resistance to major diseases is 3.5 points.

However, this grape variety has some disadvantages: after heavy and prolonged rainfall, cracking may occur on the berries. The variety is quite moody, it should not be used for cultivation by inexperienced gardeners.

Landing rules

For cultivation of grapes, the most illuminated, without the influence of through wind, areas that do not have significant shading by other plantings are suitable. Preparation of planting pits is standard for any vineyards.

It is very important to correlate the size of the prepared hole with the size of the root system of the seedling. Equally important is the acquisition of quality and healthy seedlings that meet standard varietal parameters.

Care for grapes "Shahin Iran" similar to other varieties and consists in watering, timely top dressing and preventive treatment of bushes. When cultivating this variety, one should take into account the fact that the plant is characterized by satisfactory maturation of shoots and requires a load of 40-45 eyes per bush.

Pruning should be done on 8 or 12 eyes. The percentage of fruitful shoots can vary from 65 to 75%. The plant is located to the formation of the stepson crop. Preference should be given to large types of formation with significant stocks of old wood.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics and varieties of Kesha grapes.

Gardeners reviews

Gardeners cultivating the grapes of the Shahin Iran variety have very low resistance to damage by the main diseases. He is often attacked by wasps. A significant part of the negative reviews about the variety is most often associated with the acquisition and harvest of seedlings, which are very mediocre to the Shahin Iran. Appearance combined with pleasant astringency in taste is the hallmark of Iran’s Shahin grapes. In addition, according to experienced winegrowers, the real grape variety “Shahin Iran” has a very palpable bitterness in taste, as well as dense pulp with a characteristic taste.

A very important event, most wine growers consider timely treatment of disease damage. For this purpose, it is recommended to use modern systemic drugs.

How to care for grapes in autumn

The cultivation of this variety is currently quite complicated due to several reasons: firstly, today it is very difficult to purchase real seedlings of “Shahin Iran” grapes, and secondly, the features of the variety do not imply its use for industrial planting, due to the need to perform maximum protective measures against diseases. In addition, the variety is susceptible to attacks by wasps and, most importantly, needs to provide quality shelter for the winter period.