Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Grapefruit

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Grapefruit

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Two-color large-fruited varieties of tomatoes - bicolors - are gaining great popularity among gardeners. One of them is the new Grapefruit variety. Its giant yellow fruits with a raspberry top are amazing in taste and very healthy. They simultaneously accumulate large amounts of lycopene and carotenoids.

About the grade

Tomato bushes Grapefruit high, indeterminate. Recommended for year-round cultivation in greenhouses. According to the experience of growing in a closed ground, the plants showed themselves to be from 1.5 to 2.5 m in height.

The fruits of this variety are tied with 3-5 tassels. In total, you can collect from 3 to 15 fruits from a bush. The description of experienced gardeners indicates that medium-sized fruits are formed on the first brush, and the largest ones on the second and third. Fruits that receive more sunlight have a more pronounced raspberry zone in color.

Reviews indicate that the largest fruit was grown in a greenhouse and had a mass of 1.2 kg.

On average, grapefruit tomatoes are from 360 to 550 g. Fruits in the cut are interesting, their flesh is marbled: yellow with raspberry blotches, there are few seeds, the slices in the salad look very unusual and look beautiful. The characteristic given by the experts convinces us to grow the pink Grapefruit tomato in the greenhouse every year.

Grapefruit in the open field

Gardeners who planted Grapefruit in the open field are very pleased with this variety and indicate a strong growth of bushes, in the beds they can be kept in two or more stems.


This year I have planted this variety for the first time and immediately in open ground. The fruits were not very large - from 200 to 300 g, but a lot. She sowed seeds for seedlings in early March. The seedling was strong, the leaves were dark green, of a potato type. Every two weeks she was given top dressing with Gumiful.

Landing on the garden was carried out on May 24. The bed is 90 cm wide, the planting scheme is in two rows, between rows and plants of 0.5 m each. The bed for tomatoes was prepared in the fall. The top layer of the soil was removed, and large plant waste was placed at a depth of 30 cm: tops of tomatoes, peppers, corn, marigolds. On top of the waste, a preparation with effective microorganisms was added, watered well, covered with removed soil and humus.

The stepsons cut off with scissors at the time when they were 2.0-2.5 cm. Tomato Grapefruit is responsive to watering with organic matter. Fresh mullein was defended for one week, 2 kg per 10 l of water. A week later, the infusion was diluted 5 times more and watered each bush with it - about 5 liters. Such dressings were carried out three times during the growing season.

Review of the summer resident

I have been growing tall varieties of tomatoes for many years and this is one of the most productive! I had a grapefruit tomato on an individual support, stakes were installed to each bush. In general, you may need two or three of them for each individual stem. If the bushes are formed into one stem, then you can equip them with a common strong trellis of metal bars for both rows in the garden. Plants in this case must be planted in a checkerboard pattern.

Plants can be tied between the bars using twine. If you use a trellis with only one top bar, then such powerful varieties, like Grapefruit, will break. Horizontal rods are needed to tie the brushes with the harvest. If a very large fruit is formed, then you need to tie it up to the bar as soon as possible in a place that excludes a fracture of the hand.

Try to grow a tomato Grapefruit and surprise your family and friends with unusual delicious fruits!

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