Who steals ducklings from under a duck in a barn, can a rat eat a chick and how to fight

Who steals ducklings from under a duck in a barn, can a rat eat a chick and how to fight

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Ducks are very funny birds. Growing them is a pleasure. They do not fight, do not run away quickly from the owners, do not fly into the street over the fence. Ducks quack cutely, rinse food in the water to self-forgetfulness. Children love them very much. And chicks are always more charming than adult birds. But sometimes they disappear, as if they dissolve into thin air. Who steals ducklings, even from under the duck?

Can rats eat a duckling?

The most common are gray rodents. Their body length reaches 30 cm, and their weight is 0.5 kg. Rats are omnivorous. They also like the food they feed the animals and the animals themselves make them hungry. If, looking at pigs, adult geese and other large animals, they can only lick their lips, then their conversation with ducklings can be short.

Unfortunately, even the presence of a mother duck will often not protect babies. The bird cannot compete with the rat in speed. In a matter of seconds, the rodent plunges sharp teeth, gnawing through metal, into the duckling's throat. In addition, the rat is difficult to scare. She is not afraid of spread wings or a pinch of a rounded beak. If ducklings disappeared from the barn at night, most likely a rat was staying there.

How to deal with a pest in a barn

If the quality of building a barn is comparable to a decent human habitation, then the problem with the theft of chicks may not arise. Of course, a rat and concrete are tough. In order for her not to sharpen them about him, it is better to add broken glass to the foundation in advance. If the ducks live in a wooden building, the rat can penetrate both the wall and the roof. You can try to dig a small mesh netting or iron sheets half a meter into the ground around the walls. It is important to understand how the rodent enters the barn, to find holes.

There are many other ways to deal with gray killers:

  • traps;
  • sticky fruits of plants;
  • poison;
  • cat;
  • dog.

Rats rarely go to traps. But if a rat gets into the trap, the rest of the animals will leave. Scientists consider rats to be one of the smartest representatives of the fauna. A smart device can work with them. A bar swinging according to the principle of the simplest children's swing is installed. One end of it is lowered to the floor. The weight of the board is such that a rat climbing up it begins to lower the opposite end with a fragrant bait. A container with water is installed under this structure.

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Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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Water is poured so much that the rodent is guaranteed not to get out. Of course, they think over how to position the device without endangering the birds.

Scattered fruits of burdock, light yellow scabiosa, milk thistle, bassia hyssopolis cling with their sharp or hooked outgrowths to the animal's fur, forcing him to refuse to visit such a place.

In order for the rat not to eat the duckling, a grain or a piece of cheese, sausages with poison are slipped into it. Nuts are also well eaten. Such a bait can be placed in a heavy box with slots on both sides or drilled holes for the size of the animal (8-10 cm wide). The holes are made at a height inaccessible to the ducklings. The cat needs to be monitored to see if she herself eats chicks. The dog will have to be trained.

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