Differences between the bronze broad-breasted turkey breed from the white

Differences between the bronze broad-breasted turkey breed from the white

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Turkey farming is gaining popularity in private and private farms due to its high productivity rates at a relatively low cost. Among the few breeds suitable for growing in temperate climates, the bronze broad-breasted turkey and its related white broad-breasted turkey are widely known. Each subspecies has its own distinctive features that breeders need to consider when choosing.

What is the difference between bronze broad-breasted and white broad-breasted?

The broad-breasted turkey, dubbed bronze, was bred in America to be raised for meat on an industrial scale in a relatively short time. Representatives have bright black plumage with golden-bronze splashes. They are distinguished by a developed, massive chest, endurance, fertility and unpretentiousness. Females lay eggs from the age of 10 months and readily breed. Up to 80% of the eggs are fertilized, and the survival rate of turkeys reaches 90%.

The broad-breasted white was bred by crossing the broad-breasted bronze and white Dutch breeds. The bred subspecies with white plumage and a characteristic golden brown patch on the chest showed good indicators of vitality and productivity.

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Birds, slightly inferior in weight to their predecessors, were attributed to a universal subspecies that can be bred for meat and get eggs. Laying begins one month earlier than that of the parent rocks.

White turkey quickly adapts to climatic conditions, high productivity and fast weight gain.

Characteristics of the rocks:

Average weight at 6 months of males, kilogram1718
Average weight of females, kilogram810
Number of eggs per season100-120120
Age of start of egg laying9 months10 months

The main difference between related birds is the conditions of detention. Bronze-colored turkeys bred for commercial breeding are not suitable for grazing and must be raised in a closed house. Whites, on the other hand, need long walks; a long stay in a confined space negatively affects their development.

What breed of turkey is best to choose?

Breeding both turkeys allows farmers to obtain high quality dietary meat and eggs. Both breeds are undemanding and adapted for growing in temperate climates. The choice between two related subspecies is usually made on the basis of breeding goals and conditions of detention. For farms with organized bird walking, a white turkey is suitable.

If you plan to raise birds indoors, it is better to have bronze ones. Also, the subspecies is recommended if you plan to breed a large number of birds for meat, but you need to take into account the cost of feed and vitamin supplements.

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