How to make a warm bed for cucumbers with your own hands

How to make a warm bed for cucumbers with your own hands

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All summer residents know what a warm cucumber garden is. The vegetable loves heat very much, so every gardener should have it. It can be built in the fall, before the onset of the winter cold. Anyone can make such beds. It is worth it, since the harvest will delight you with its volume and ripening time.

Types of warm beds

They can be made for cucumbers in a greenhouse or in an open area. The following arrangement options are popular:

  • covering;
  • high;
  • vitamin.

The principles of arranging warm beds (all types) are no different. In all cases, it must be raised above the ground and bumpers made.

The box itself is filled with soil and various organic substances, depending on the type chosen. Any season is suitable for the construction of a garden, of course, the season should be favorable.

Covering option

This type is suitable for planting heat-loving crops, primarily cucumbers. It is recommended to carefully select a site before setting up. It should be in direct sunlight. The sides reach half a meter in height.

In the formed bed, you can plant cucumber seeds and grown sprouts. Covered with a special material. Gardeners who constantly grow vegetables in this way recommend preparing the filler in the fall. During the winter, organic matter will rot, and the soil will be prepared for planting seeds or seedlings.


A tall bed for cucumbers is done solely for the purpose of obtaining an early harvest. It is best to place it on the sunny side of the garden. During the arrangement, the top layer is removed, and newspapers or cardboard are placed on the bottom. Then proceed to the construction of the frame itself. To connect the structure, you will need no more than 4 bars and a sufficient number of boards.


Another popular option for a garden bed among gardeners is a warm vitamin one. To build it, you need to make a frame. You will need polyethylene, a decay accelerator and various organic substances. If done correctly, fresh and flavorful vegetables can be produced very soon.

Warm bed of grass

A bed of grass is a type that requires a trench. Unlike others, it is prepared exclusively in the spring. A ditch of medium depth is being dug for its construction. The dimensions are left the same as in the previous versions, or are selected individually in each case.

Preparing after the last spring frosts. You will need a freshly cut grass. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare a large number in advance. Put everything in a trench and try to compact it well. You can simply walk along the trench for several minutes, tamping it down with your feet.

If the grass is not tamped, the soil will settle over time and the cucumber seeds may be trapped forever. Vegetables will start to rot during the rainy season. This cannot be avoided as the root system is in a pit filled with water.

When equipping an insulated garden bed, herbs are used as fertilizers. To make it start to rot as quickly as possible, you need to add a mixture of dried bread and potato skins. Having welded everything together, place it on top of the herbal pillow.

It is recommended to scatter the hot mixture that has just boiled - it activates the fermentation process immediately. Bread mold and potato starch will react, and the soil will be filled with substances beneficial to cucumbers.

A warm do-it-yourself garden bed in spring for cucumbers is almost ready. When the grass layer is laid, it is covered with earth. The one that was dug out of the trench will do. To keep the result as long as possible, the ground is watered with boiling water.

In order for the soil to settle down, it is covered with a film, preferably dark, for 2 weeks. This promotes better fermentation.

A mixture of potatoes, bread crumbs, grass and earth saturates the soil with nutrients. This is necessary for good growth of cucumbers. There is no reason to use other organic matter with manure.

Important points when growing

If you adhere to a number of simple requirements, you can easily get a decent harvest:

  1. If a bed is formed in a vegetable garden, there should always be sun on the site. It is recommended to give preference to a calm place. There should not be any running water near it.
  2. The plant can die if you water it with cold water. Like the garden bed, the liquid should be warm.
  3. Planting cucumbers is recommended in the spring. The favorable period is mid-spring. As practice shows, it is possible to collect a rich harvest.
  4. There should be no other plants on it, except for cucumbers. If weeds appear, they should be removed as soon as possible. So that the weed does not bother, before planting vegetables, the land must be treated with a special compound.
  5. If the bed has already been used for growing cucumbers, the top layer is removed, replacing with new soil.
  6. Intensive heating will be observed if it is located from east to west.
  7. Cucumbers are planted in the soil in which tomatoes, cabbage, garlic or onions used to grow.

The rules are easy to follow - they don't constitute any complex activity. Following them, it will turn out to collect a good harvest of cucumbers.

Vegetable growing technology

Warm beds especially delight the inhabitants of Siberia, giving an excellent opportunity to get juicy, fresh and aromatic vegetables even in cold climates.

When planting cucumbers after tomatoes, it is better to cultivate the land. Recently, cases of the spread of root rot have become more frequent. Better yet, remove the topsoil and lay a new one to avoid spreading the disease.

Warm beds are a good alternative to greenhouses. Some people cannot afford to grow cucumbers while maintaining greenhouse conditions. Moreover, the cucumbers collected on it will be early, despite the fact that they were not grown in a greenhouse.

They have all the necessary conditions for the good growth of vegetables. They contain useful substances and protect plants from pests. The preparation of the beds is done before planting the plants, so there is no need to reapply humus or other fertilizers. All that is needed is to water the cucumbers with warm water in time and pull out the weeds.

To equip the garden, it is enough to spend a few hours. However, the result is worth the effort. The advantage of a warm bed is undeniable. Having planted cucumbers, very soon it will be possible to please household members and guests with crisp fruits without using the greenhouse. The fruits will be harvested 3 to 4 weeks earlier.

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