Instructions for the use of the herbicide Gardo Gold, consumption rates and how to prepare a working solution

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Gardo Gold, consumption rates and how to prepare a working solution

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Pre-emergence selective herbicide "Gardo Gold" is used in agriculture to destroy annual weeds of cereal species in corn and sunflower plantations. It does not have a negative effect on cultivated plant species, it is effective regardless of the climate and weather conditions of the region of application. With proper use, "Gardo Gold" can significantly increase the yield of sunflower and corn, there is no phytotoxicity.

Composition and release form of the drug "Gardo Gold"

The drug is available in the form of a suspension concentrate, packed in canisters. There are two main active ingredients in the Gardo Gold chemical formula: s-metolachlor and terbutylazine, which determines the high efficiency of the pesticide and the duration of the substance's action. The herbicide belongs to the class of chloroacetamides.

Mechanism and spectrum of action

The peculiarity of the drug is the unity of two active substances with a different mechanism of influence. Terbutylazine is responsible for inhibition and suspension of the process of photosynthesis in a weed plant, and c-metolachlor blocks the process of fat metabolism, the plant dies quickly enough, no re-treatment is required.

"Gardo Gold" is aimed at the destruction of annual dicotyledonous weeds of the cereal type. Penetrates into plants in the first germination phase through leaves and root system. It does not have a negative effect on corn and sunflower plantations, it belongs to biodegradable drugs.

Benefits of Application

The main advantages of a pesticide include:

  1. The combined formula of the drug - the chemical acts on the plant from different sides, which ensures high efficiency of the product.
  2. No phytotoxicity.
  3. Protects crops for up to 10 weeks.
  4. Biodegradable, does not affect the following crops in the rotation.
  5. One treatment is enough.
  6. Does not require immediate incorporation and post-emergence harrowing.

If the instructions for use are followed, resistance does not arise. When used in conjunction with other chemicals, a preliminary compatibility test is required.

Disadvantages of funds

The disadvantages of the tool include:

  1. Before using the product, the soil must be loosened, clods of earth should not be present.
  2. The high cost of the drug.
  3. Compatibility testing required for use with other chemicals.

"Gardo Gold" is a modern preparation with high efficiency against weeds and minimal effect on corn and sunflower. In foreign practice, it is used in fields with potatoes, tomatoes and broad beans and peas.

Consumption measures

The consumption rate of the drug is determined strictly according to the instructions. With excessive contamination of the cultivated fields and high soil moisture, the rate of chemical consumption is increased.

On a note! On fertile soils with a high humus content, the consumption rate of the "Gardo Gold" preparation is maximum.

Preparation of working solution

The product is applied to the soil with a sprayer. The tank is filled halfway with water and the suspension is thoroughly stirred with a stirrer, then other components can be added to the solution if necessary.

The basic rule is that the mixture should be homogeneous.

The solution is not stored in finished form; it must be used within several hours after mixing.

How to apply the ready-made mixture?

First of all, read the instructions for use. The ready-made working solution is subject to immediate use. The preparation is applied to the previously prepared soil, the soil is loosened and leveled in advance.

The spraying procedure is recommended to be carried out in dry, calm weather, in the evening or morning hours. Precipitation and a high probability of rain are not factors that reduce the effectiveness of the product, but the surface treatment is best done during favorable weather conditions.

Security measures

Any work with herbicides must be carried out in a protective suit, gloves and a respirator. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and hair. "Gardo Gold" belongs to the 3rd class of chemical hazard to humans and bees (low-hazard herbicide).

After finishing work on spraying the product, you should wash your hands and refrain from agrotechnical work on the field for several days.

Compatibility with other substances

Gardo Gold can be used in conjunction with other substances. But before combined use, a test is carried out for the compatibility of the active ingredients of the chemicals. In most cases, there is no resistance. Additional substances are added to the working solution after complete stirring of the main suspension.

The degree of toxicity of the drug

The drug does not affect cultivated plants - sunflower and corn. There is no phytotoxicity. During the growing season, it completely decomposes in the soil and does not pose a danger to the following crops in the crop rotation.

For humans and bees, the herbicide is low-hazard, belongs to the 3rd class of chemical hazard, does not harm the inhabitants of water bodies, is not volatile, therefore, the effect of the drug on neighboring areas is minimal.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The herbicide must be stored in designated pesticide storage facilities. In the original packaging, the suspension is stored for 3 years at an ambient temperature of +5 C to +35 C.

The substance is not stored in the form of a ready-made working solution; the mixture must be used within 2-3 hours.

Herbicide analogs

Analogues of "Gardo Gold" include:

  • Hevimet Gold;
  • Camelot;
  • "Cyborg".

The herbicide "Gardo Gold" is one of the new modern pesticides that provide high economic returns from the use of the drug in agriculture. The safe formula allows the use of the chemical without danger to crops and subsequent crop rotation.

When choosing a herbicide, one should take into account that "Gardo Gold" is a pesticide used for the industrial cultivation of corn, soybeans and sunflowers; for private household farms, the use of the drug is not justified.

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