Grapes "Bazhena": description and features of the variety

Grapes "Bazhena": description and features of the variety

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Grapes "Bazhena" refers to the relatively new hybrid forms of amateur selection and is promising for homestead viticulture and horticulture in Russia.

Selection history

Grapes of a hybrid form called "Bazhena" were obtained by breeder V.V. Zagorulko. Vitaliy Vladimirovich created quite a lot of interesting, worthy and new grape varieties that have become popular with wine growers in our country.

The Bazhena hybrid was bred as a result of breeding using the widely known Gift Zaporizhia variety and the popular Arcadia grape. The resulting hybrid form is characterized by early ripening, yield and excellent taste.

Hybrid Form Description

Grapes "Bazhena" is a very early ripening hybrid form. Harvesting begins in 108-110 days and falls on the second half of August.

Plant characteristics

The hybrid form of "Bazhen" forms lush and vigorous bushes with medium-sized leaves. The ripening level of the vine is at least 80%. The flowering is bisexual, the plant is self-pollinated, forms large branched clusters of conical shape. The average weight of each cluster varies from 0.6 kg to 1.55 kg.

Characteristics of berries

Bazhena grapes form large ovoid berries. The average weight of the berry is 14-23 grams with a length of up to 60 mm. Coloring of ripe berries varies from whitish yellow to bright, saturated yellow-green color. The skin is delicate, completely eatable, but strong enough. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, with a pronounced grape flavor and pleasant aroma. Taste is very high.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hybrid form of "Bazhen" has a large number of advantages that grapes received from a parental couple:

  • high and stable yield indicators;
  • large and beautiful clusters;
  • large, salable berries;
  • excellent taste indices: harmonious taste with varietal aroma;
  • frost resistance up to -21 ° С;
  • not affected by wasps;
  • resistance to major diseases is average, resistance to mildew, oidium is estimated at 3-3.5 points.

Cracking of berries in grapes of this variety is not observed, and the crop retains its presentation for a long time.

Grapes "Bazhena": variety description

Growing Features

Grapes of the hybrid form "Bazhena" are well grafted and show excellent survival rate when planting root seedlings.

Landing rules

Bazhena grapes are very difficult to tolerate shading, so for planting it is recommended to give preference to the most sunny, well-lit area with a high level of soil warming. It is advisable to protect the planting of grape bushes from the north wind, using any structure as protection.

Grapes are not very demanding on the soil composition, but to obtain a high yield it is important not to use too clay and rocky soils, as well as areas with a high occurrence of groundwater. The best option is chernozem, which warms up well, is light and promotes aeration of the root system.

Each plant must be provided with sufficient space for proper nutrition. When planting vigorous bushes of grapes, it is recommended to indent between plants at the level of 4.5 m, and the distance from the wall of the nearest structure should be about 1.5-2 m. Planting can be carried out both in spring and in autumn.

The width and depth of the landing hole should be at least 0.8 m. If the groundwater table is too high, it is recommended to equip the seat with a high-quality drainage system, on top of which a layer of nutrient soil should be placed. In addition to the proper arrangement of the planting pit, it is imperative to establish a support for fixing the plant, which will insure the vine from breaking and improper growth.

Before planting, you should inspect the shoots and root system of the grapes, as well as soak the roots and trim both the aerial part of the plant and too long roots. It is necessary to leave the most developed and powerful shoots. A good result is the treatment of the root system with growth stimulants, which facilitate the survival of the seedling in a constant place and make the adaptation period shorter.

Basic care

Care for Bazhena grapes is quite simple and does not take much time.

  1. For good growth, as well as the formation of a quality crop, grape bushes require regular irrigation, which is especially important during the period when the plant enters the vegetation phase, at the stage of berry filling, and also on too dry and hot days.
  2. In order to increase the efficiency of development and nutrition of the root system, regular loosening of the soil should be carried out, as well as mulching the soil with rotted sawdust.
  3. Grapes at the vegetation stage need regular root top dressing with the main substances, including superphosphates, ammonium nitrate, complex fertilizers and organic compounds, as well as several foliar top dressings.
  4. To protect plants from damage by pathogens and pests, it is recommended to carry out preventive spraying several times a season, using such products as Bordeaux fluid, Ridomil Gold and Tiovit Jet.

Grapes "Bazhena" refers to covering hybrid forms and needs shelter for the winter period after autumn processing and pruning. In the process of autumn pruning, it is allowed to prepare material for cuttings, which will independently increase the number of fruit-bearing grape bushes in the garden.

Bush formation

Bazhena is a high-yielding hybrid form of white table grapes, which is prone to the formation of a significant number of clusters on one bush. Therefore, not only the productivity of the bush, but also the qualitative characteristics of the crop will depend on the proper formation of the plant.

The ripening of the shoots in this hybrid is good, and the load of the grape bush can withstand almost no problems. First-order stepsons do not form a crop. It is recommended to carry out an average pruning of 6-8 eyes, but can be cut shortly, 2-3 eyes. The first buds are also fruitful.

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How to prune grapes

Reviews of winegrowers

The hybrid form "Bazhena" interested many gardeners involved in the cultivation of grapes. According to many winegrowers, Bazhena forms really beautiful and very tasty berries. Pollination of the hybrid form is very good. Harmonious taste with full ripening is successfully complemented by light notes of sweet cherry. Berries of elongated shape, fairly sized, without peeling. Sugar content at the level of the parent grapes "Arcadia", but the berries are more juicy and crisp.

The bushes are very responsive to intensive agricultural technology. The vine is powerful, 3-4 inflorescences are most often formed on the shoots, but it is recommended to ration up to one, a maximum of two per shoot, since very often the plant can withstand an increased load to the detriment of a tight berry. The ripening berries tolerate rainy weather without cracking. According to gardeners, the winter hardiness of the bushes is about -24 ° C, but in regions with unstable and frosty winters, it is imperative to shelter the vineyard.