Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Kurnosik

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Kurnosik

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Tomato Kurnosik was bred by Russian breeders and grows well in Siberia, which is an important factor for gardeners. The variety is undersized and is intended for cultivation both in greenhouses and in the open field. The fruits are quite large, mouth-watering and aromatic.

Plant characteristics

This variety is characterized by undersized bushes. The bush grows to an average of 50 cm and does not need to be tied or pinned. The tomato is mid-season and super determinant. The culture gives its first fruits on days 110-115. The inflorescences of the variety are simple, and up to 4 fruits are formed in one inflorescence. The crop is characterized by high yields and on average yields up to 9 kg of vegetables per square meter. The leaf is medium in size, light green in color.

The culture has a good immune system and is resistant to verticilliosis and fusarium.

Description of the fetus

When fully ripe, the fruit weighs on average 200 g. The tomato has a beautiful bright red color and unsurpassed taste and aroma. Also, the vegetable can please with an attractive shape. Tomatoes are heart-shaped and dense in structure. They can be canned or consumed fresh.

When preserved, the fruit of this variety retains its shape and has a beautiful appearance. The pulp does not creep when preserved.

How is sowing done?

For seedlings, the plant is sown in late March or early April. It is necessary to prepare the land for seedlings in advance.

The soil should be rich in useful vitamins and minerals for plants. For this, the land must be fertilized. Before planting, the seeds must be treated with a weak solution of manganese. The seeds are planted at a depth of 2 cm in a box. After that, the box must be covered with foil and placed in a warm, sunny place. After the first leaves have appeared, the plant must be dived.

You can plant seedlings when she is 2 months old. Before planting, it is recommended to temper the plants and take them out to fresh air.

In order to get earlier vegetables, it is better to plant the plant in a homemade greenhouse, in order to protect the bushes from possible frosts, which may pass in late May, early June.

Before planting in the ground, it is recommended to treat it with a weak solution of manganese. The plant must be planted at a distance of 40 by 50 cm.

The bushes are quite small and tidy, but yield good yields. It is recommended to water the plant with warm water for the first time, so that it successfully acclimatizes and takes over. It is also important to observe watering during flowering in order to get a good harvest.

Plant care is not difficult enough. It is important to observe watering, fertilize the plant a couple of times, and loosen the ground.


Vitaly, 43 years old

A friend advised me of the Kurnosik tomato variety. He says that he did not plant it once and is satisfied with the result. The grade never let him down. I decided to try it. I liked the variety very much, I also liked its description. Grown in a greenhouse. The bushes are small, no need to tie up and pinch. The culture gave a good harvest in the first year. And the fruits are quite large and tasty. Now Kurnosik is one of my favorites, I try to plant seedlings annually. I recommend.

Elena, 52 years old

I planted different types of tomatoes, but I'm not very happy with the result. Either you need to tie it up, then you get sick with late blight. I couldn't find a suitable culture in any way. On the Internet, I read Kurnosik for a tomato, and, according to reviews and characteristics, I decided to purchase seeds. I really liked the tomatoes. I was glad that they do not need to be pinned and tied up, and they do not require much care. The resulting crop was used fresh, for juice and conservation. I am very pleased with the result, the tomatoes taste good in any form.

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