Description of the Supernova tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Supernova tomato variety and its characteristics

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Ultra-early hybrid tomato "Supernova F1" of French production, is the leader among very early determinant-type tomatoes. Based on numerous enthusiastic reviews about the F1 Supernova tomato, we can conclude that these tomatoes compare favorably with their closest competitors.

Description and characteristics of the plant

The growing season of the "Supernova F1" tomato is 60-62 days!

Shrub up to 50 cm high, strong, stress-resistant, with high deciduous mass. The stem is thick, dumpy, stable. The leaves are shaped like potato, rich green.

During the season, the bush forms up to 10 full-fledged brushes, each of which has 4-5 tomatoes.

Fruits grow up to 200-300 grams in weight, rounded, slightly flattened with a characteristic elongated "nose". A cut of tomatoes of dense consistency, uniform red color, without a white stem. Fruits are juicy, contain 8-10 seed chambers. The wall thickness of the fruit "Supernova F1" is 4-6 mm. They are not susceptible to cracking in the garden. Landing is carried out both under film shelters and on open ground. On the 65th day, you can start the first mass harvesting of tomatoes of this variety.

The yield of "Supernova F1" for early tomatoes is high: 4-5 kg ​​from 1 bush.

Taste and technical characteristics

The fruits of "Supernova F1" have unique characteristics. Fruits are sweet with tomato sourness, covered with a thin strong skin. Designed for fresh consumption. Also suitable for processing and salting. Positive feedback on this hybrid is given by farmers for whom the cultivation of these tomatoes is very profitable.

Since among the super-early varieties, the tomato is the largest-fruited, and for a hybrid, a delicious tomato. The demand for these tomatoes on the market is good, and the presence of the so-called "nose" in the fruit makes it even more attractive to buyers. These tomatoes are transported over long distances and stored perfectly.

The yield of the hybrid tomato "Supernova F1" is more than 100 tons per hectare of land.


Correct agricultural technology of the variety allows you to grow abundant early harvests. Seed material in its original packaging is already etched and ready for sowing. Do not touch seeds with bare hands! Care must be taken, especially when sowing large quantities of seeds. It is better to work with gloves, and after work, be sure to wash your hands under running water and soap.

Sowing of tomatoes "Supernova F1" is carried out in January-February on high-quality peat-sandy soil. You can sow both in trays and in special cassettes to a depth of 1.5 cm and very lightly roll up the soil for friendly germination of seeds.

The picking of seedlings, which is carried out when 2-3 true leaves appear (25 days after sowing), is a necessary measure to improve the quality of the bushes. When the seedlings reach a height of 25-30 cm, they are planted in a permanent place. The beds are made at a distance of 70 cm from each other. Planting density of 3-4 plants per 1 sq. m. Tying to props is recommended, but not necessary. They do not do pasynkovy to this variety.

Supernova tomatoes are resistant to the main diseases of the nightshade. However, Colorado potato beetles and scoops are often affected. Mechanical cleaning must be used against insects.

The cold resistance of the variety allows it to be grown in a secondary crop rotation. Tomatoes do well with overhead irrigation, but drip irrigation is preferable.

After planting tomato bushes, you must:

  1. Water the tomatoes every 10 days.
  2. Mulch the soil under the plant with finely chopped grass.
  3. Feed and fertilize in a timely manner.
  4. Remove all lower leaves to improve tomato ripening and better aeration of the bushes.
  5. Loosen and weed the beds.

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