Characteristics and description of the apple variety Richard, frost resistance and application

Characteristics and description of the apple variety Richard, frost resistance and application

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The most common fruits on Russian territory are, of course, apples. Such popularity in our country is not accidental. After all, what kind of fruit trees are grown without problems? How to get a decent harvest and keep it for a long time? Apples contain many useful elements that have a beneficial effect on the human body of any age. When choosing a crop variety for planting on a site, it is recommended to take a closer look at the Richard apple tree.

Description and features of the variety

Domestic amateur gardeners do not often prefer this apple tree. After all, even with Internet access, the characteristics of the Richard variety are difficult to find. According to some information, this fruit crop appeared by accident. It was discovered 2 centuries ago in a place located near the German Wittenburg.

If you delve into the chronicle, then the Richard apple variety did not arise by itself. He was brought out by Pastor Qliphoth in Kerkhove.

In Russia, this variety is known as Richard the Yellow. In Germany, apples of this variety are grown on a large scale. The following advantages speak in favor of the choice:

  • fruits are endowed with excellent taste and juiciness;
  • the immune system of trees makes it easy to resist various diseases;
  • the harvest is stored for a long period.

Fruit crop of the Richard variety is characterized by a moderate growth rate, resistance to Russian frosts.

The crown is translucent, tall and spherical. Plants are demanding on the soil. They need heavy, slightly damp soil, as well as humidity. In addition to these conditions, the site for planting seedlings is chosen so that they are protected from the wind by shrubs and other trees.

If gardeners plan to grow crops on light and dry soil, then it is necessary to carry out an artificial irrigation system to the roots.

The fruits grow medium in size, graceful and symmetrical in shape. Sometimes even large specimens are found, in which a slight ribbing is noticeable, usually forming on one side. The shape of the fruit is rather conical with a slight truncation.

The attachment of apples to tree branches is not strong. This fact is especially noticeable in autumn, when the fruits fall easily even from a slight breeze.

Fruits have the following external characteristics:

  • the presence of thick and short stalks;
  • peel with a weak aroma, smooth surface and pale yellow color;
  • the appearance of a blush on the side where more sunlight fell;
  • small seeds

If unfavorable weather conditions were observed during the summer, the scab may spoil the tree a little.

Chemical composition and application

Characterization of the fruit is not limited to external description only. The apple pulp is yellowish, has excellent juiciness and delicate texture. According to tasters, the taste is sweet with a slight spicy aftertaste and slight acidity. Fruit contains a large amount of vitamin C, antioxidants.

In the composition of apples of the Richard variety, fiber is present, which well stimulates intestinal motility, and also reduces the risk of developing cancer. In addition to this, the fruits are used as a prophylaxis for disorders in the cardiovascular system, as a dietary product and to stabilize cholesterol levels.

Variety yield

Richard's apples ripen amicably enough. The harvest period is set for the first half of September. Due to the fact that the fruits easily end up under the tree from any breeze, it is recommended not to delay the period of fruit picking.

In the regions located in the southern regions of Russia, it is advisable to start harvesting activities from mid-August. In order not to miscalculate, you can look at the shades of apple peel. If it has brightened and slightly yellowed, this is a good signal to start picking apples.

The crop is placed in an optimal storage location. With strict adherence to the rules to ensure the necessary conditions for the fruits, fruits are easily preserved until November.

Flowering and fruiting times

Flowering time - medium early, long. Fruiting in Richard apple trees comes quite late - 5 years after planting the seedlings. The amount of the harvest is moderate. No periodicity was observed in fruit ripening.

Resistant to frost, disease and pests

In favorable, not very rainy weather, apple trees are resistant to infections and diseases, including scab. The ability to withstand the winter cold is also at a high level.

Favorable growing areas

The apple tree reveals its characteristics in places that are better suited for trees of the Richard variety - the central regions of Russia, as well as the southern regions.

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