How can you distinguish an Indoor from a drake, gender determination and the difference

How can you distinguish an Indoor from a drake, gender determination and the difference

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Well-organized poultry care is the key to a healthy flock. Breeders know that caring for male and female musk ducks is very different. But even experienced owners cannot always give a clear answer to the question of how to distinguish a drake from an Indoor. Let's understand the intricacies of the dissimilarity of birds brought to the territory of Russia relatively recently - just 40 years ago.

Obvious differences between adult female and male

The first difference that catches your eye is the color of the plumage. In females, it is much dimmer than in the stronger sex. Drakes have a brighter color, a massive head with a tufted.

Signs that will help distinguish an Indoor from a drake:

TailTwisted upAbsolutely flat
PlumageFeathers and down are fully developed by 3 months of ageThe feather cover is formed gradually
BeakMassive, has the shape of a triangle. A rough hump forms above the beakSoft pink skin color above the beak
Mass of an adult domesticated individual, kg4,6-6,82,7-3,6
TorsoPowerful, with strong massive legsNarrow

It is very difficult for a beginner to determine the gender of musk ducks. In addition to the above points, birds are distinguished by their demeanor. The ideal poultry ratio is 4: 1. If the proportion is not met, females in the herd will behave like males, or vice versa.

How to determine the gender of the Indo-people

From the first days after birth, it is very difficult to determine the sex of the young. 4 ways to divide the young in the herd into "girls" and "boys":

  1. By behavior. The most pugnacious and cocky duckling is the dominant male in the future. Having watched him, the owner will see whom he does not admit to the trough, towards whom he is showing aggression - these are competitors.
  2. Outwardly. The male chicks have a larger head than the girls. As the young grow, it will become easier to distinguish a duck from a drake. The plumage of future males is several shades darker.
  3. By gender. It makes it possible to determine the sex of a duckling one day after hatching. The chick is placed on the palm of the hand with its head towards itself. Gently stretch the skin around the cloaca. If a boy is caught, a rudimentary penis will appear, the size of which is 1.5-2 mm, the girl will open up spherical growths.
  4. By voice. This method allows you to distinguish the muscovy duck already at the age of one month - it quacks, while the drake makes hissing sounds with a hissing sound. This feature is explained by the presence of a saccular expansion in the trachea fork in the "guys".

The weight of the representatives of the stronger sex in adulthood is 2 times higher than the weight of females. The male has a more powerful neck bend, a massive body. In addition, boys have strong immunity, they are less likely to be vaccinated than ducks.

Other nuances and interesting surprises

Poultry breeders who have been breeding ducks for several years share the secrets and tricks of sex determination: if a threat arises, the duck will run away and hide, and the drake, on the contrary, will rush into battle. To intimidate the opponent, he will raise the crest. Representatives of the stronger sex let girls forward, they themselves keep behind.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Many owners determine gender by how the males try to escape from the yard. Females behave decorously, they differ in exemplary behavior.

In preparation for breeding, ducks prepare for the appearance of offspring: they take a liking to and equip nests. Therefore, if you observe them for some time, it immediately becomes noticeable to which sex the individual belongs.

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