List of the best carrot varieties for 2021 and how to choose, pros and cons

List of the best carrot varieties for 2021 and how to choose, pros and cons

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Carrots are considered one of the most popular garden crops, which can be found in almost every plot. In order for the plant to develop normally and bear fruit abundantly, it is important to choose the right variety. At the same time, it is recommended to take into account a number of criteria - ripening time, regional climate, storage period. There are many best carrot varieties for 2021 to help every gardener make the right choice.

The best outdoor carrot for 2021

When planting carrots, it is important to pay attention to the choice of its variety. In this case, it is recommended to focus on the following features:

  • if the soil is loose and lightweight, varieties with long fruits are suitable;
  • short-fruited carrots are considered the earliest - they are allowed to be planted in early spring;
  • round varieties are characterized by rapid growth - while they are considered not very productive;
  • when growing crops for sale, it is worth giving preference to imported species;
  • for personal needs, it is worth planting domestic varieties - they have a bright taste and include a lot of carotene.

Earliest varieties

Such plants are planted for consumption or for sale in bunches. As a rule, they have not too sweet fruits, low yield and short shelf life. Popular early cultures include:

  1. Carotel Parisian is considered a popular culture that has been known for many years. It is distinguished by rounded fruits with a delicate taste.
  2. Amsterdam - has bright orange fruits. Their weight reaches 50-120 grams. Carrot pulp is characterized by its delicate texture and sweet taste. Root crops do not crack.
  3. Parmex - has spherical fruits of a rich orange color. They reach 4 centimeters in diameter and weigh 50 grams. The variety is suitable for growing in heavy soil.

Mid-season carrots

This type of carrot ripens in autumn. By this time, it acquires a rich sweet taste and juiciness. This type of root vegetable has the best taste and longest shelf life.

Popular mid-season varieties include:

  1. Nantes 4 - is considered a popular culture. It has an average yield and excellent taste. Root crops have a rich orange-red hue.
  2. Incomparable - considered a high-yielding plant. Root vegetables contain a lot of carotene. The culture is characterized by fruit in the form of a cone with a blunt end. A distinctive feature is considered to be a thin middle.
  3. Vitamin 6 is a popular variety. It is permissible to plant the culture in peat soil. Root crops have a cylindrical shape and orange-red flesh.

Late-ripening varieties

Such carrots have less sweet fruits than mid-season crops. However, it keeps well. As a rule, root crops are large in size. Popular varieties include:

  1. Queen of Autumn - has beautiful red root crops in the form of a cylinder. They reach 22 centimeters in length. The pulp has a sweet taste and rich aroma.
  2. Vita Longa - the plant is characterized by long fruits that are perfectly stored until spring. They don't crack when grown and taste great.
  3. Chantenay 2461 - characterized by conical fruits. They have an orange firm flesh. Carrots weigh 300-500 grams.

The best varieties for the greenhouse

When growing a crop in a greenhouse, it is recommended to give preference to the following plants:

  1. Nantes - is distinguished by long roots with a sweet taste. They are characterized by an early ripening period.
  2. Mokum - has cone-shaped roots with excellent taste.
  3. Amsterdam Forsing - has smooth root crops that are cylinder-like in shape. Small tops are characteristic of carrots.

Choice according to region

In order for the cultivation of a crop to be successful, when choosing a variety, it is important to take into account the climatic characteristics of the region.

For the Urals and Siberia

Today, many varieties have been bred that are suitable for growing in harsh climates. These include:

  1. Dayana - fruits ripen 4 months after the sprouts appear. Root crops are distinguished by an elongated shape with sharp tips. They weigh 150 grams.
  2. Nastena - it is characterized by even and smooth roots that can grow up to 17-19 centimeters. The mass of carrots is approximately 150 grams. Inside there is a thin and short center.
  3. Narbonne f1 - the crop can be obtained within 3.5 months after planting. The culture is characterized by elongated fruits, which are distinguished by rounded tips. The mass of carrots is 240 grams.

For Moscow region

This region is characterized by cool summers and the risk of return frosts. Therefore, in the Moscow region it is worth planting carrots, which are resistant to weather changes and precipitation. Suitable crops include:

  1. Amsterdam - considered one of the best early types of culture, which has a long shelf life. It is permissible to keep the crop in the cellar all winter.
  2. Children's joy - this culture is distinguished by excellent taste. It is characterized by an average ripening period. The length of the root crops reaches 22 centimeters. Moreover, their weight is 160 grams.
  3. Vitamin - the culture has an average ripening period. There is a small core inside the fruit. Carrots reach a length of 14-15 centimeters. Moreover, its weight is 70-150 grams. The plant is highly resistant to frost.

For the middle lane

Not all types of carrots can be grown in this climate. This region is characterized by variable weather. In addition, it is characterized by a large amount of precipitation. Therefore, carrots must be resistant to disease and low temperatures. Popular varieties include:

  1. Karotel - the fruits are small and have a sweet taste. The plant is characterized by increased disease resistance. The crop can be obtained within 4 months after planting.
  2. Flakke - This Polish variety is suitable for central Russia. Ripe fruits contain a lot of sugar and carotene. They weigh 200-250 grams.
  3. Moscow winter - is distinguished by its resistance to flowering. The plant develops well in loose, fertile soil and needs systematic watering. The crop is distinguished by high yield parameters.

Other criteria for choosing carrots for 2021

When choosing a variety of carrots, it is worth considering the parameters of its yield, taste, shelf life.

Sweet varieties

These types of carrots are eaten fresh. It is also permissible to put them in salads and hot dishes. Popular types include:

  1. Children's sweet - has excellent taste and high yield. The fruits are characterized by a cylindrical shape and blunt tips. They reach 20 centimeters in length.
  2. Bolero f1 - this hybrid is characterized by an early ripening period. Its fruits can be consumed fresh. They are medium in size and cylindrical in shape.

Harvest carrots

To get a good harvest, you should pay attention to the following crops:

  1. Leander - Root crops are distinguished by a pointed tip and grow up to 25 centimeters. They are high in carotene and have a long shelf life.
  2. Dolyanka is a late crop that produces large roots. They grow up to 12-24 centimeters.

Carrot fly resistant

There are no varieties completely resistant to this pest. However, there are crops that are less susceptible to parasite attacks:

  1. Nantic Resistaflay - rarely suffers from carrot flies. The culture is distinguished by delicious fruits of a bright orange color.
  2. Calgary F1 - the growing season for carrots reaches 130 days. The fruit is characterized by an elongated conical shape. They reach 23 centimeters in length.

Multicolored carrots

Fans of unusual types of carrots should pay attention to colorful plants:

  1. Purple Haze - Has intense purple fruits. The peel is covered with light eyes. Root crops ripen after 2.5 months and reach a length of 30 centimeters.
  2. Belgian white - fruits ripen in 70 days. The plant has even and long roots, which are distinguished by a smooth surface. The culture is undemanding to care, but does not tolerate heat well.
  3. The red samurai is distinguished by rich red fruits. At the same time, it is possible to harvest the crop after 110 days. The fruit is characterized by a uniform color. They reach 25 centimeters in length and 2-3 in width.

Which carrots are best stored

For long-term storage, it is worth growing the following varieties of carrots:

  1. Samson - is distinguished by large fruits and an average ripening period. Subject to the storage conditions, it is permissible to store carrots in the basement until May.
  2. Chance - characterized by an average ripening period and high yield. In the cellar, the fruits can be preserved until mid-March.

Mini carrot

Common types of mini carrots include:

  1. Caracas - characterized by an early ripening period and cold resistance. It is permissible to grow the culture on an industrial scale.
  2. Polar cranberry is considered to be an early maturing crop that ripens within 65 days. Root crops are distinguished by an unusual rounded shape and are covered with a smooth skin.

Common mistakes when choosing

The main violation in the choice of culture is the pursuit of the ideal form of root crops. Not all plants that have perfect fruit taste good.

Another violation is an attempt to preserve the fruits of varieties that were planted before winter. Even late root crops in this case will not be stored for long.

There are quite a few good varieties of carrots that taste great. To choose the best option, it is important to consider many criteria.

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