Top dressing, processing and spraying of cucumbers with brilliant green and iodine

Top dressing, processing and spraying of cucumbers with brilliant green and iodine

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Cucumber greens are often used to treat plants against known fungal diseases. It is a powerful antiseptic that has a disinfecting effect. If you periodically process cucumbers with brilliant green, you can avoid such dangerous diseases as downy mildew, gray and white rot, bacteriosis. In addition to this, there is also a product for feeding cucumbers with iodine. These simple folk remedies help accelerate germination and seed setting.

How does brilliant green

Zelenka is the most common way to work with cucumbers. The processing of cucumbers with brilliant green can increase yields and provide treatment for many diseases. It is used as a fertilizer. Inexperienced gardeners do not know why to use this tool, and how to use it.

Zelenka has a sufficient amount of copper, copper oxide, polychromy. The processed cucumber seedlings have a rich, bright green color. It is better to fertilize it several times over the summer. Beautiful pimples immediately appear on the cucumbers, the leaves become lush and brighter.

For the harvest to be plentiful and richer, it is necessary to water the cucumbers with a solution of green medicine. It contains all the essentials for them. This is a cheap remedy that can be obtained at any pharmacy. If it is necessary to protect the crop from diseases and insects, then it is enough to process the cucumbers with brilliant green.

You can also recommend this solution for healing damage on the plant. For example, to lubricate cracks on the stem, on the leaves. It can be used to strengthen the roots and stems of cucumbers in the greenhouse or outdoors.

It contains all the essential minerals and trace elements that cucumbers need for growth and immunity. It has a strengthening effect. To make the harvest of cucumbers richer, you should try this substance.

How to process with brilliant green

For the correct spraying of cucumbers with brilliant green, the correct preparation of the solution is necessary. It is important to remember that for seedlings and an adult plant, the proportions of this medicine are different. For the prevention of all diseases, a very weak solution is prepared. Drops of this agent are mixed in water. Usually about 10 drops are enough for 10 liters of clean water. It shouldn't be cold. Irrigation of the land is obligatory. If everything is done correctly, cucumbers will delight all summer.

Zelenka is used to feed the root system, because it needs it so much during the active period of growth. It is enough to dilute five drops of the medicine in a liter of water. You can also feed cucumbers to treat them from dangerous diseases, such as downy mildew, downy mildew, bacteriosis. Indeed, many gardeners have heard that these are very dangerous diseases that destroy foliage and fruits. Zelenka acts as an antiseptic. It is an excellent antifungal agent.

Damaged fruits are very often processed. If they are cracked. To do this, brilliant green is mixed with milk whey, and sprayed. This way the fruits can be stored for a long time.

Iodine as a folk remedy

Processing cucumbers with iodine is a very cheap option to save the crop from fungal diseases, late blight and gray rot. Iodine is very good for the prevention of these diseases. It is identical to the expensive specialty substances that are sold in garden stores.

It is perfect as a salvation for those plants that have already begun to wilt, as they have a rejuvenating effect. Spray with iodine concentrate to restore the cells and energy of vegetables. It is good to treat with iodine not only stems and foliage, but also the roots of seedlings. It enhances the active growth of fruits, enriching the harvest.

Iodine is used for plants as a natural antiseptic. Even seeds are processed with it. It is dissolved in water or fermented milk drinks. The ratios can be found in recipes on websites or gardening books.

Recipes for processing

The treatment of cucumbers for diseases and for prevention depends on the method of preparing the mixtures. There are many recipes for dealing with dangerous diseases. In the open field or in greenhouses, cucumbers are treated with brilliant green with a spray gun twice a month. Almost all recipes take 5 milliliters per 10 liters of water.

If it is necessary to destroy the disease, then iodine for cucumbers is diluted in a ratio of one to two parts of water. Usually, after the first application of the iodine solution, the plant begins to heal.

Zelenka and iodine do very well with downy mildew if whey is added to these products. Take 15 drops of brilliant green or iodine, two liters of milk or whey, a pinch of urea, a bucket of not cold water. Stir. This solution is watered during flowering, during setting, and then after another two weeks. This is a great way to get rid of fungus and protect healthy shrubs.

Iodine perfectly enhances the plant's immunity, it contains a lot of vitamin C. Together with dairy products, they produce useful lactobacilli.

Another recipe: a little grated laundry soap is rubbed onto a bucket, half a liter of whey or kefir, sixteen drops of iodine, and water are added. Each bush is treated with this solution.

In order to heal a damaged plant, it is necessary to lubricate the stem or leaves with brilliant green or iodine every day. Better to dilute them in a little water.

Reviews of folk remedies

Many gardeners talk about feeding cucumbers with brilliant green and iodine as a miraculous salvation. Using them in the garden is an easy way to increase yields.

Anastasia, 48 years old: every year I feed cucumbers with a solution of brilliant green. It disinfects and protects against fungal diseases. If you want to get an excellent harvest with strong healthy fruits, spray the crops with a diluted substance in water.

Yuri, 56 years old: I have long been interested in the question, is it possible to spray cucumbers with brilliant green and iodine, is such a mixture suitable for peppers and tomatoes? But after reading a few reviews, I decided to try it with a live example. Now there is always a bucket of warm water near the greenhouse. A few drops of iodine are added there once a week, and I spray. The greens come to life, the fruits are large, crispy, do not get sick.

When using these products, it is important to strictly follow the prescriptions. All of them contain alcohol, so the main thing is not to overdo it. It is better if they do not fall on the foliage of the plants. It is also best to refrain from feeding during a sunny day, otherwise you can burn yourself. In the rain, it is also not recommended to carry out the operation, otherwise it will wash everything away. It is necessary to carefully and in advance prepare for it.

Many gardeners believe that it is iodine and brilliant green that will increase the yield of cucumbers and save them from diseases. These are completely safe and affordable tools. It is important to use them in the right composition, according to recipes, and then the harvest of cucumbers in the garden will delight with its quantity and taste. Good luck in gardening!

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