Description of the Siberian Trump tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Siberian Trump tomato variety and its characteristics

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In the northeastern region of Russia, climatic conditions do not allow growing tomato crops with a long growing season. Therefore, Siberian breeders have developed special varieties, such as the Siberian Trump tomato. They are resistant to the vagaries of the weather and bear fruit stably even in difficult conditions.

Features of the variety

"Siberian trump card" is a determinant variety, mid-season. Begins to bear fruit about 110 days after germination.

Description of the variety:

  • The bush is strong, spreading. Grows up to 80 cm.
  • High resistance to temperature extremes.
  • Bears fruit for a long time and abundantly.
  • Bred specifically for outdoor cultivation.

The main qualities of the fruit

The variety compares favorably with high yield and large-fruited.

  • The shape is flattened-rounded, slightly ribbed.
  • On average, each fruit weighs 300-500 grams. The largest tomatoes can be up to 700 grams or more.
  • When fully ripe, the color of the tomatoes is raspberry red.
  • The pulp is firm, fleshy and very juicy.
  • Stored for a long time and resistant to damage during transportation.

Due to their excellent taste, tomatoes of this salad variety are suitable both for fresh consumption and for processing. They make great sauces and tomato juice.

Features of agricultural technology

It is not difficult to grow Siberian Trump, it is an unpretentious tomato that does not require special attention and increased care. The main thing is to water the plants on time, and know a few simple care recommendations.

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings should be done 50-60 days before planting in the ground. The optimum temperature, which will ensure friendly germination, is 23-25 ​​degrees. When the sprouts get stronger, the temperature can be reduced to 20-22 degrees.
  • It should be planted in the first decade of June, placing 3-4 plants per 1 sq. m. Tomatoes of the "Siberian Trump" variety are not capricious and tolerate transplanting well, quickly adapt and grow. Therefore, two weeks after planting, it is worth helping young bushes and making the first feeding with a complex mineral mixture.
  • In the process of growth, it is recommended to form a bush into one or two stems. But after the formation of the first brush, pinching of plants should be stopped.
  • Also, a garter to a support is desirable for the bushes. The characteristic of the fruits of this variety is confirmation of this, even such strong bushes may not withstand the weight of large tomatoes.

To accelerate seed germination and improve fruit setting, experts advise using stimulants for the development and growth of tomatoes.



I have been growing tomatoes for many years and came to the following conclusion: varieties should be chosen based not only on taste preferences, but also taking into account the climate. I planted different tomatoes, with varying success, but "Siberian Trump" only made me happy. And amicable germination, and a bountiful harvest, despite the cold and rainy summer.


This variety was planted for the first time, tomatoes grew in the open field. There were no problems with them. There is a minimum of leaving, and the harvest has exceeded all expectations.


I bought "trump" seeds only because of their resistance to cold, in order to plant early. And everything worked out, although he planted it early, the seedlings quickly took root, they began to bear fruit on time. I recommend.


Tomatoes are a feast for the eyes! Surprisingly large ones were ugly! And this is in our cold Siberia. I planted several different varieties, and only "Siberian Trump" gave more than 10 kg per bush.


Tomatoes of the Siberian Trump variety are unpretentious, ideal for growing outdoors. The yield is stable. Tomatoes are not only large, but also really tasty.

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