Characteristics and description of the tomato variety King of Kings, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety King of Kings, its yield

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Breeding developments from various research institutes continue to delight agricultural lovers with original novelties. Relatively recently, a new tomato King has appeared. Included in the register of the Russian Federation in the mid-2000s. This is a complex hybrid, the seeds of which can only be purchased at the store. But that is why it is interesting for studying in a private economy.

Has many relatives. For example, the Golden King variety will take root well in a summer cottage. Its fruits are not so large, they are good not only for making fresh salads. The fruits of the Golden King tomato are good for canning.


Tall variety (indeterminate). Height reaches 1.5 - 1.8 m. Strongly branching bush. Average leafiness. The first brush is formed after 9 leaves, then comes after every third. The number of stems is 1 - 2.

As you can see from the description, a bush of this height is not able to hold tomatoes on its own. It is imperative to tie it to a strong support, which is performed as it grows, up to three times per season.


The variety lives up to its ambitious name. Tomatoes King of Kings grow on bushes of this height with the following characteristics:

  1. Big size. The average weight of large fruits is 1300 - 1500 grams. The minimum is 300 grams.
  2. The number of chambers is 4 - 8.
  3. The dry matter content is up to 10%.
  4. The color is bright red. The closest relative, the Pink King variety, has a pinkish color.
  5. Pleasant, sweet, sour taste. In its composition, in addition to trace elements, fructose, antioxidants, it contains a large amount of vitamin C.
  6. Tomatoes are distributed in 5 pieces per brush.
  7. The shape is round.
  8. Ribbing is weak.
  9. Stores well. Transportable. Fruits retain their presentation up to 35 - 40 days after harvest.

The family of hybrids is quite diverse. You can plant the Golden King variety. Has a juicy golden color. The characteristics and description of the variety are quite similar, the conditions of detention are also quite similar. The Golden King variety has a lower average weight, the fruits weigh up to 500 grams.

The variety is considered a salad variety. Perfect for juices, sauces, pies, tomato juice or casseroles. It is unsuitable for canning, as it is large.


Grows well in Ukraine, Moldova. At more northern latitudes, it begins to be capricious, demanding greenhouse maintenance. In regions with short summers, it does not take root well, requires abundant sunshine. According to the reviews of vegetable growers, it is possible to grow using artificial lighting.

Greenhouse maintenance involves regular:

  • top dressing;
  • watering;
  • airing.

The average temperature for favorable growth is +18 - 25 degrees. Loves cool, sunny summer. The first fruits can be obtained in 110 - 120 days after germination of seeds. Lovers of medium-sized fruits can be recommended the King King variety. The tomato has similar conditions of keeping, but the fruits are smaller - 300 - 500 grams.

It is recommended to grow the culture in greenhouse conditions. This is the real king of all tomatoes, requires respect for itself. Despite the good survival rate and resistance to the adverse effects of soil bacteria, it has its own characteristics when courting. Culture is critical of abrupt changes in conditions of detention.

These include:

  • temperature regime;
  • humidity;
  • frequency of watering;
  • soil condition;
  • regular feeding.

All these factors can be easily created in greenhouse conditions, without relying on the whims of nature.


They are planted in seedlings. According to the reviews of gardeners, seeds begin to germinate 30 - 35 days before planting on the land. The land is prepared in advance. Required Ph from 6.2 to 6.8. If the area has a soil with a high acidity level, you can treat it with a weak solution of lime.

When planting seeds, a simple procedure is carried out. The seed is soaked in warm water for 10 minutes. This is enough for viable seeds to absorb moisture and prepare for growth. They will sink to the bottom. Non-similar material can be easily removed from the surface of the container. As the reviews of fans say, the risk of losing part of the seedlings with such processing is minimal.

Then the suitable seeds are thoroughly dried. You can use an ordinary home hair dryer for these purposes. The outlet air temperature should not exceed +40 degrees.

The finished material is treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rinsed for half an hour, then dried again. This will keep it safe from bacteria.

Seedlings are grown at home, greenhouse conditions. It looks like a honey tomato, it develops at about the same time.

To form the soil composition, you can use:

  • peat tablets;
  • complex fertilizers;
  • superphosphate;
  • urea.

Plants are usually placed in spacious, well-lit rooms. In the presence of full lighting, the seedlings will be larger.

It is recommended to use additional backlighting with monochrome radiation of the red, blue, green spectrum. This stimulates the harmonious growth of the culture.

We carry out top dressing in stages:

  1. After the appearance of the first full-fledged leaves.
  2. After the dive procedure.
  3. On the 15th day.
  4. Just before disembarkation.

When you reach 15 - 20 cm, you can plan a landing. The plant grows large, requires more area for normal development. For 1 sq. m usually the hostess grew 2, maximum 3 bushes.

At the summer cottage, we are preparing a plot of land similar in composition and amount of mineral and organic fertilizers. Plant seedlings, direct the formed root system towards the area of ​​the planned irrigation. After planting, be sure to watered for several days. The adaptation period is very important for culture - the final success depends on the time it passes.

Don't forget about crop rotation. If in the previous season the Honey King variety was bred, then it is best to plan the beds in the place where the legume culture grew. The land here is rich in nitrogen, which will have a beneficial effect on the growth of plants of the Solanaceae family. It is necessary to adjust the composition of the dressings, they should contain less nitrogen.

This description of the tomato King of Kings does not end there. Despite the fact that the seeds are quite expensive, they undergo a special presale treatment. The hybrid is complex, that is, it makes no sense to harvest seed on your own. But this has its advantages: the manufacturing company ensures sterile development of the culture, and the chance of catching any diseases introduced from the soil is minimal.

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