Description of the cucumber variety Boy with a finger and its characteristics

Description of the cucumber variety Boy with a finger and its characteristics

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Currently, the market abounds in cucumber varieties for the discerning gourmet. For lovers of small gherkins, the breeders of Manul LLC have brought out another interesting cucumber, which has earned positive reviews from gardeners. So what kind of vegetable is and how to grow it in our climate, we will consider below.


Description of the variety - early maturing, parthenocarpic, intended for cultivation in greenhouses and in beds, but also develops well on the balcony and windowsill. It takes 38-42 days from planting seeds to the first harvest. The plant is indeterminate, the lash is powerful, medium-growing. Leaves are green, smooth, medium in size. The number of ovaries from one node is from 3 to 5. 2-3 bushes are planted in a greenhouse per 1 square meter, and up to 4 in an open bed.

Cucumbers are oval, a boy with a finger reaches 8-10 centimeters in length, when removing gherkins - 6-8 centimeters. The weight of 1 cucumber reaches 90 grams. Skin color is green, near the flower with light stripes. Small thorns are not prickly, the fruit has a frequent edge. The harvest must be collected on time, otherwise the harvest of cucumbers will outgrow. Up to 13 kilograms of fruit are harvested from 1 square.

Taste qualities are excellent, a variety with a pronounced cucumber taste and aroma, sweet, without bitterness.

It is used for fresh consumption, salting, pickling and canning. Well transported and stored.

Positive traits

Subject to the basic rules of cultivation, the variety gives excellent results in the following characteristics.

  1. High yields with proper plant care.
  2. Long-term fruiting.
  3. Early ripe variety - the first harvest will ripen 40 days after planting.
  4. The taste of the fruit is excellent.
  5. Resistant to many diseases.
  6. Versatile to use.
  7. Stored for a long time.
  8. It tolerates long-distance transportation.
  9. Has no bitterness.
  10. Resistant to short-term droughts.
  11. Suitable for all growing areas.
  12. Does not need to form a whip.

Growing methods

Gardeners plant cucumber seeds in two ways - direct planting of seeds in the main place of growth and germination of seedlings, followed by transplantation into the ground.

But with any method, the seed is disinfected. This is done in order to eradicate infections retained in the grains when harvesting seeds from infected fruits. For this procedure, use a solution of potassium permanganate or powders sold in stores for disinfection.

Before planting, a bed is prepared - the earth is dug up with added fertilizers, spilled with warm water, rows are formed and applied or holes are dug. They are also spilled with water and seeds are planted. With a row planting scheme for cucumbers, a Boy with a finger f1 leaves a distance of 60-70 centimeters between the rows, and 20 centimeters between the grains. Checkerboard planting pattern - in the garden, holes are made 2 centimeters deep at a distance of 60-40 centimeters, the holes are spilled with warm water and seeds or seedlings are planted.

It is not necessary to form a bush during growth, so gardeners choose only the growing method - vertical or horizontal, with the first method, caring for growing cucumbers will be easier.

Cucumber care

Caring for growing cucumbers for all varieties is the same, it consists in carrying out the following activities.

  • Loosening the soil.
  • Watering plants.
  • Top dressing for root.
  • Foliar fertilizer.
  • Garter plants for vertical cultivation.
  • Pest and disease control.
  • Timely harvest.

These activities are carried out to obtain a rich, healthy and high-quality harvest.

Feeding plants with organic and mineral fertilizers is carried out up to 6 times per season - this procedure allows you to get a tasty and high-quality harvest of cucumbers.

Watering the beds and loosening the soil occurs to maintain soil moisture during plant growth. Weeding is carried out all season - in order for the cucumbers to have enough fertilizers and moisture, weeds must be ruthlessly disposed of.

With the growth of borage, greens and fruits are constantly examined for diseases. If such are found, plants and soil are sanitized. If this is not done, the disease will spread to all individuals and destroy the crop.

All these simple tips will allow gardeners to get a high-quality harvest of delicious cucumbers throughout the growing season.

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