How to make designer products from ordinary pencils

How to make designer products from ordinary pencils

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If there are unnecessary pencils - the children have grown up or the products have failed, for example, they have become damp - do not rush to throw them away. From pencils you can make many interesting designer gizmos!

Unique vases and frames

What to make unusual from pencils? A great option - vintage vases or unusual frames. You will need several packages of pencils, a base frame, or a wooden or plastic vase. The basis for the product can be cut out of thick cardboard. The process of creating a masterpiece will go very simply.

  1. Pencils are placed around the perimeter of the vase or throughout the frame. You can make products as whole sticks, and their fragments.
  2. Then it remains to make sure that the color result suits you and put the pencils on the glue using a special gun.
  3. To obtain the angles of the frame or vase at 45 degrees, it is worth using sharpened components.
  4. It remains only to wait until the finished product dries and can be used.

Stylish pencil paintings

You can make beautiful pictures from colored pencils. Creative look prototypes of famous creations made in the presented technique. For example, you can lay out of colored pencil sticks: "Cry" Munch, "Van Gogh's Night Terrace Cafe".

Pencil furniture

Pencils make beautiful strong furniture. The chair looks original, created from boxes of pencils and glue. Any frame or reinforced frame in this case is not required.

Looks great table lamp made of pencils, tables, beds, sofas, cabinets, armchairs. The more carefully the pencils are adjusted to each other, the better they are connected together, the stronger the furniture will turn out.

Original alarm clock and wall clock

Watches are the companions of human life. They are present in every home, but not all of them look good. To improve the appearance, the alarm clock and wall chronometer can be decorated with colored or one-color pencils. The edges of the sticks can be oval, multi-colored, decorated with sparkles, and this gives a huge scope for imagination.

To create the basis for an alarm clock you will need about 24 pencils, for the wall version - 80 pieces. Still required:

  • jigsaw;
  • clockwork, hands;
  • pencil sharpener;
  • cd drive;
  • glue gun.

Pencils stick together. In the central part of the alarm clock or watch, a hole is cut out for the hands. There is a clockwork - it, like the hands, should be put on glue. A pencil sawed at an angle of 45 degrees can act as a support for the alarm clock.

To create a wall clock, you need a CD. It will be used as a dial, there is already a hole for the arrows in the disk. You can stick pencils to create a clock in a circle and vertically or horizontally, the arrangement can be chaotic.

Pencil sculptures

Pencils can be used to create various large and small sculptures. In this case, the sculpture can be made both from the stylus, and from wooden parts. Performing mini-sculptures from the stylus can be your hobby - it will certainly surprise others, and the finished collection will not take up much space. Large sculptures made of solid pencils will become an adornment of the apartment, house and home garden.

Mini pencil sculptures

Pencils are an excellent material for creating various designer products. When working with them, the main thing is to be patient, then everything will work out.