How to make dry wine at home, the best recipes

How to make dry wine at home, the best recipes

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There are many different wines, but the most popular are dry wine drinks, in the manufacture of which a minimum amount of sugar is used. To make dry wine at home on your own, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its creation.

Features of the preparation of dry wine

There are several important things to be aware of before starting to create dry wine:

  • it is recommended to prepare aromatic grape wine from low-sweet varieties, which contain no more than twenty percent of sugar;
  • for fermentation of liquid, it is better to use pre-sterilized containers, as this will protect the liquid from the ingress of unnecessary microorganisms;
  • prepared dry wine must be stored in dark rooms with low temperatures.

Ingredient selection rules

In order for the prepared wine drink to be tasty and aromatic, you need to familiarize yourself with how to choose the right ingredients for its creation.

Experts who have been creating dry wines for many years recommend using varieties that contain 20% sugar. This is enough to make the wine strong enough. There are several suitable varieties, however it is better to use Isabella. Many winemakers use it due to the fact that it has the following benefits:

  • Isabella wine drink has a ruby ​​color;
  • with prolonged aging, the wine will become much stronger;
  • making wine from Isabella is easier than from other varieties.

How to make dry wine from grapes at home

Most often, people use a simple recipe for making a sugar-free drink. However, there are other ways you can make a flavorful and strong red wine.

Wine preparation

The preparation process begins with the preparation of the grape must. To begin with, all the berries come off the brushes and move over to get rid of the spoiled fruits. Then they are laid out in a deep container and crushed with your hands. At the same time, they must be pressed carefully so as not to damage the bones.

Some people crush the berries with a special press, but you should not do this, as this may deteriorate the taste of the drink. As a result of squeezing the grapes, a wort is obtained, from which wine will be created in the future.

Fermentation on the pulp

After the wort is prepared, a container is prepared in which it will ferment. It is filled with the grape mixture by three quarters, after which the neck of the jar is covered with gauze. Then the filled container is transferred to a room where the temperature does not drop below twenty degrees. The mixture should be in this room for a week and a half. During this period of time, the pulp will rise upward, due to which a foamy cap will appear on the surface. It is recommended to regularly stir the mixture so that it does not have time to sour.

After a week and a half fermentation on the pulp, all the liquid is poured into small bottles with narrow necks.


The fermented liquid is poured into bottles so that they are two-thirds full. The remaining unfilled part of the containers is needed so that the emitted carbon dioxide accumulates in it. A special water seal is installed on the neck of the filled container, which helps to escape the accumulated gases.

During fermentation, filled bottles should be kept in rooms where the temperature is kept in the range of 18-25 degrees above zero. In such conditions, fermentation will last a month and a half.


After the end of fermentation, the wine drink begins to ripen. It is poured into empty bottles in which it will be further stored. This is done using a small thin tube. When pouring, it should not be applied to the very bottom, so that no sediment gets into the liquid.

The filled containers are tightly closed with a lid so that oxygen does not enter inside. If the bottle is not closed securely, the drink will not last long and quickly deteriorate. Ripening lasts for one and a half months, after which the wine can be tasted.

Fruit and berry recipe

You can make dry wine from ripe berries and fruits. For this you will need:

  • two kilograms of currant berries;
  • 200 grams of sugar;
  • water;
  • 100-200 grams of raisins.

Making a drink begins with chopping berries. They are processed in a blender, after which they are warmed up to forty degrees. Then the mixture is filtered with gauze to separate the juice. The liquid without pulp is mixed with raisins, granulated sugar and water. Everything ferments for 10-15 days, after which the liquid is poured into the container and closed.

DIY semi-dry wine

A semi-dry drink is made from the following ingredients:

  • 4-5 kilograms of white grapes;
  • filtered water;
  • 750 grams of sugar.

To prepare a semi-sweet wine, it is necessary to separate the grape berries from the tassels, transfer them and place them in a fermentation vessel. They should wander for about a week. After that, the resulting juice is poured into a separate container, filled with water and mixed with sugar. The mixture should ferment with a water seal for about a month. Then it is poured into bottles, rolled up and taken away for storage.

Storage terms and rules

The prepared wine product should be stored in a cellar or basement, where there is no sunlight and the temperature does not rise above twenty degrees. These conditions are considered optimal for the prepared wine.


Lovers of dry wine can prepare it themselves at home.

However, before that you need to familiarize yourself with the recipes for creating such a wine product.

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