The composition of Alcor Super and instructions for the use of the fungicide, consumption rates

The composition of Alcor Super and instructions for the use of the fungicide, consumption rates

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Under "Alcor Super" is understood as a combined agent that has a systemic effect. It protects cereals and sugar beets. In addition, the composition helps to significantly increase the yield parameters. For the use of the substance to be effective, it is important to strictly adhere to the instructions. Compliance with safety measures is of no small importance.

Composition and form of release of "Alkor Super"

This fungicidal agent contains 2 active ingredients at once. These include propiconazole and cyproconazole. The substance is released in the form of an emulsion concentrate.

The principle of the drug

The tool is highly effective. It is due to the presence of 2 active ingredients in the composition:

  1. Propiconazole - Helps suppress the production of ergosterol. This substance leads to the suppression of the formation of spores. Under the influence of the active component, fungi stop their development within 2 days after spore germination. Propiconazole has a higher toxicity to the vegetative organs of fungi. Means based on the substance produce a stimulating effect on the development and growth of crops. They activate the processes of photosynthesis in the foliage of winter wheat.
  2. Cyproconazole - inhibits the biosynthesis of sterols in fungal cells. Ergosterol also falls into this category. The composition has a wider scope of application. This is due to its physical and chemical characteristics. Also, the spectrum of use of the composition is explained by the peculiarities of absorption and movement in the structure of crops.

Wide range of applications. Fungicide copes with various pathologies of cereals and sugar beets. It provides reliable protection for the entire growing season.

Improving the quality of plant yield.

Short absorption period. In this case, the tool acts for a long time after treatment.

Possibility of use in order to prevent diseases and for the treatment of crops damaged by pathologies.

Economical consumption.

Retention of efficiency after precipitation.

Can be used at all stages of plant development.

What are they used for?

"Alkor Super" belongs to the category of systemic fungicidal preparations and provides protection of cereal spikelets from various pathologies. The tool is effective against pathologies such as powdery mildew, various forms of rust and spotting. Also, the composition treats pathologies that affect the ear.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The composition helps to protect sugar beet plantings from powdery mildew and cercosporosis. It is permissible to use a fungicide not only on affected plants, but also for prophylaxis.

Fungicide consumption rate

The consumption of the working solution is 200-300 liters per 1 hectare.

Specific dosages of the substance are shown in the table:

PlantPathologyCost of funds, liters per hectareMethod of useWaiting period (frequency of processing)
Spring and winter wheatBrown, yellow, stem rust, pyrenophosis, powdery mildew, septoria0,4-0,5It is worth spraying the bushes during the growing season. For 1 hectare, 300 liters of working solution is required.40 (1)
Spring and winter barleyDifferent types of spotting, rhynchosporia, stem and dwarf rust, powdery mildew
OatsRed-brown and crown spotting
Winter ryeStem and brown rust, septoria, powdery mildew, rhynchosporium
Sugar beetPowdery mildew, cercospora, phomosis0,5-0,7It is necessary to spray the plants during the growing season. The first time this is done when symptoms of pathology occur, the second - after 10-14 days.30 (1-2)

Instructions for use "Alkor Super"

After spraying, the composition very quickly gets into the structure of the crop. This characteristic helps to protect the fungicide from being washed away by sediments. Thanks to this, the composition quickly begins to act.

"Alkor Super" is also distinguished by its medicinal properties. This helps him to successfully stop the contamination of the culture. Thanks to this, the fungicidal effect lasts for more than 4 weeks. As a result, the plant receives maximum protection at a critical stage of growth.

You need to spray the bushes in the morning and evening. This should be done in calm weather, preventing the substance from getting on neighboring plants. To get the maximum effect, it is worth using the remedy at the initial stages of the development of pathologies.

Security measures

Use the product with great care. Bushes should be processed at a wind speed of no more than 4-5 meters per second. The bees need a protection zone of about 2-3 kilometers. In this case, it is necessary to restrict their movement in the affected area for 3-4 hours.

Storage rules

Keep the product away from food. It is recommended to do this in a dry and dark place. The shelf life is 2 years.


Analogs of the composition include:

  • Atlant Super;
  • Tsimus Progress;
  • "Profi Super";
  • Super Alliance.

Fungicide "Alkor Super" is highly effective. In order for its application to give results, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions. It is also worth observing safety precautions.

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