Instructions for the use of Chiktonik for calves, indications and how to water cattle

Instructions for the use of Chiktonik for calves, indications and how to water cattle

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Even with the use of the highest quality feed, young cattle receive vitamins, mineral elements and bioactive substances in a suboptimal amount. Therefore, to prevent hypovitaminosis and associated pathological conditions, it is recommended to purchase "Chiktonik" for calves. The instructions for use are simple, following it, the farmer significantly improves the health and productivity of livestock.

What is "Chiktonik"

The preparation, developed by the Spanish company Invesa, contains vitamins and amino acids in the optimal concentration for animals. Entering the body, the vitamin complex prevents hypovitaminosis, normalizes metabolism and energy production, increases immunity to negative external factors.

The use of a feed additive in case of imbalance in nutrition, after exposure to stress factors and for actively growing young stock leads to an increase in productivity and a decrease in mortality of the livestock. "Chiktonik" has the following positive effects on the body of calves:

  • normalizes digestion;
  • maintains the tone of the body;
  • accelerates growth;
  • increases appetite;
  • prevents pathologies associated with a deficiency of nutrients;
  • increases productivity and external characteristics of livestock;
  • normalizes the reproductive system.

What vitamins are included in the preparation "Chiktonik" (in terms of 1 ml), how they affect the state of the calf's body, is indicated in the table:

SubstanceConcentration, mgInfluence on the body
retinol (A)0,75stimulates growth, reduces the likelihood of infection of internal organs, accelerates the healing of wounds and ulcers on the skin
cholecalciferol (D3)0,01regulates phosphorus and calcium metabolism, helps minerals to be absorbed in the intestines, integrate into bone tissue, prevents rickets in calves
tocopherol (E)3,75has an antioxidant effect, regulates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, prevents muscle dystrophy, helps the absorption of retinol, normalizes the functioning of the reproductive organs, reduces the likelihood of infertility
thiamine (B1)3,5supports the nervous system, prevents skin pathologies
riboflavin (B2)4participates in protein metabolism and hemoglobin synthesis, maintains the functional state of the reproductive and visual organs
choline (B4)0,4increases the milk production of livestock, reduces the likelihood of liver dystrophy
pantothenic acid (B5)15participates in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, in the synthesis of hemoglobin and fatty acids, reduces the negative effect of antibiotics
pyridoxine (B6)2participates in protein metabolism, improves appetite
biotin (B7)0,002maintains healthy skin
cobalamin (B12)0,01essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin, prevents anemia in calves
phylloquinone (K3)0,25normalizes blood clotting, prevents bleeding and anemia

Also, the preparation "Chiktonik" contains amino acids and bioactive compounds (mg):

  • methionine - 5;
  • inositol - 0.0025;
  • glycine - 0.575;
  • arginine - 0.5;
  • L-lysine - 2.5;
  • alanine - 0.975;
  • histidine 0.9;
  • tryptophan - 0.075;
  • proline - 0.5;
  • aspartic acid - 1.45;
  • tyrosine - 0.34;
  • leucine - 1.5;
  • isoleucine - 0.125;
  • threonine - 0.5;
  • valine - 1.1;
  • glutamic acid - 1.16;
  • serine - 0.68;
  • cystine - 0.15;
  • phenylalanine - 0.8.

"Chiktonik" is sold in white plastic containers of 1, 5, 25 liters. It looks like an opaque liquid with a deep brown color. Each container contains the quantity and composition of the preparation, concentration of active ingredients, batch number and production date, instructions for use.


"Chiktonik" is given to calves to prevent metabolic disorders, protein and vitamin deficiencies, stimulate growth and development, increase productivity, strengthen immunity, and for therapeutic purposes - to eliminate the effects of stress and intoxication.

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Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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It is recommended to give Chiktonik to calves to maintain the body after vaccination and antibiotic treatment.

The vitamin complex supports the calf's body when:

  • poisoning with chemical and food toxins;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • weakness, lethargy;
  • poor quality, unbalanced nutrition;
  • damage to the body by infection;
  • stressful effects.

Directions for use and dosage for cows

The Chiktonik complex is intended for oral administration. The liquid is added to the drink. Cattle are watered individually or the whole herd at once through an automatic watering system. The course lasts 5 days, if necessary, the admission is extended to 10 or 15 days. You can repeat the course after a month or two. The dosage for cattle (ml per animal) is shown in the table.

Young growth 6-18 months15-20

Side effects

Side effects in animals after taking the "Chiktonik" complex are not observed. The drug can be combined with any other feed additives and medicines. Meat and dairy products obtained from animals that drank Chiktonik can be safely consumed.


The drug "Chiktonik" has no contraindications. The only caveat is individual intolerance to the components, but it is noted in single animals.

Storage conditions "Chiktonika"

The Chiktonik complex is stored in a production container, in a dry and shaded place, out of the reach of children, where the temperature is 5-25 ° C. In such conditions, the drug remains valid for up to 2 years.


The Chiktonik complex is unique in its composition and effects on the body. There are analogues, but they are inferior to the original in terms of the concentration of active components, they are more suitable for poultry than for drinking calves:

  • "Ganaminovit";
  • "Ganasupervit";
  • Gammatonik;
  • "Vitatonic".

Farmers speak positively about the drug "Chiktonik", they believe that it must be in the veterinary medicine cabinet of every livestock breeder. The complex is appreciated for its versatility and ease of use, a positive effect on the health and productivity of uneven-aged calves.

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