Composition of mixed feed for goats and rules of cooking with your own hands, storage

Composition of mixed feed for goats and rules of cooking with your own hands, storage

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Today there are several types of compound feed for goats. Each of them has certain features. In order for the animals to feel normal and not get sick, it is important for them to choose the right diet. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the age and body weight of the pet. With the help of a well-chosen diet, it is possible to achieve high milk productivity and maintain the nutritional status of animals.

Types and composition of compound feed

Small ruminants do not require complete feed types. Compound feed is used only as an additional source of energy. The main components of such food for dairy goats include the following:

  • grain mixture - 71% should be products such as corn, bran, barley, oats, wheat;
  • protein substances - 25% falls on meal and oilseed cake;
  • vitamins and minerals - 4% are premix, chalk, salt, phosphate.

The composition of the feed depends on the physiological group to which the animals belong. These can be kids, broodstock, pregnant and lactating females.

Depending on the form of release and purpose, the following types of compound feed are distinguished:

  1. Complete - includes all the essential nutrients for the daily nutrition of animals. When feeding with such formulations, additional foods, vitamins and minerals are not required.
  2. Concentrates are dietary supplements for goats. Their nutritional parameters are no more than 40% per day. These types of food contain many nutrients, so you should not use them in large quantities.
  3. Balancing - they are also called masterbatches. Such substances are combined with feed in a ratio of 20:80. The composition contains vitamins, high-protein ingredients and other important substances.

Often, premixes are included in different types of compound feed. These are special ready-made formulations that include many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other biologically active components. These include growth stimulants. They improve the appetite of the goats and facilitate the digestibility of the feed.

There are medicinal premixes that help develop immunity to infections, but their amount in the diet should not exceed 5%.

DIY cooking

For feeding goats, you can use ready-made formulations. However, it is better to cook them yourself. It is important to bear in mind that in general it is not recommended to use cereals. Corn and wheat should be crushed, and barley and oats should be flattened. Processed grain mixes are easier to digest. In this case, the particle size should be 2-4 millimeters.

When making feed, the components should be connected in series. First, it is recommended to mix different types of ground cereals. Then add cake or meal. In a separate bowl, you need to alternately combine flour, a little salt and chalk. Then add the premix. Then mix the grains and minerals.

How to properly formulate a diet?

The diet of a goat and the amount of food in its diet depends on the season. In spring, coarse food should be mixed with fresh grass. This has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach. In summer, the amount of succulent feed should be increased to 70%.

Since August, it is recommended to gradually transfer the goat to a diet with a large amount of compound feed. If she refuses such food, mint, apples, mountain ash will help improve the taste.

In late autumn and winter, compound feed can serve as the main food. At the same time, the animals should be fed according to the schedule. The first time you can give food at 6 o'clock, the second - at 12, the third - at 19. In the evening, it is recommended to use foods that are easy to digest. It is worth feeding animals at least three times a day. After each feeding, the goat should be given 2.5 liters of liquid. However, it is best to keep water available at all times. Its optimum temperature is +7 degrees.

Compound feed must be used during pregnancy and milk production. By introducing foods high in protein into the diet, it is possible to increase the quantity and quality of milk. It is important to choose a balanced diet during lactation. It must contain vitamins and minerals. It should be borne in mind that good lactation depends on a lot of liquid.

1 animal will need 1-4 kilograms of roughage per day. For a milking goat, the amount is calculated differently. She needs to be given 300 grams of compound feed and additionally add 250 grams of such food for every liter of milk.

Expert opinion

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It is strictly forbidden to steam the compound feed, as this will lead to the destruction of vitamins. It is recommended to mix it with water at room temperature and leave for half an hour. After eating, the goat needs to be given a sufficient amount of water.

What is the danger of excess feed

A lack of compound feed is considered a less dangerous mistake than an excess of it. When goats consume large amounts of concentrates, this causes various disorders in the body. If you consume excess feed during pregnancy, the likelihood of obesity is high. This can create difficulties with delivery. Problems with conception often appear after childbirth. An overweight goat will not be able to cover.

If the total diet includes more than 45% of compound feed, while branches and hay make up less than 55%, there is a risk of disappearance of gum. At the same time, food is poorly absorbed, there is a risk of alternating diarrhea and constipation. This causes rumen acidosis, since the death of beneficial microflora is observed.

Also, an excess of compound feed leads to an overflow of the rumen. As a result, fermentation and decay of the forage mass is observed, gases appear. As the body overflows, pressure arises on the diaphragm, heart and lungs. Rupture of the scar is sometimes observed.

Storage features

It is recommended to store the compound feed in a clean and well-ventilated place. It should be darkened and disinfected. In this case, the humidity parameters should be no more than 75%. Granulated feed can be stored for up to 6 months. The shelf life of briquettes and placers is 1-3 months.

Can goats be given pork feed

Pork feed contains feed fats. It can lead to rapid weight gain. When stored for a long time, such food can provoke poisoning. Therefore, it is not recommended to give it to goats. Today, several types of compound feed are known that can be given to goats. Correctly selected composition helps to make the animal healthier, increase its productivity and strengthen immunity.

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