Composition and instructions for use of the fungicide Healer, dosage and analogues

Composition and instructions for use of the fungicide Healer, dosage and analogues

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A fungicide called "Healer" protects garden crops from fungal diseases. The drug is used for treatment and prevention. Fungicidal agent is used to protect tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, grapes. "Healer" suppresses the development of fungi, prevents their reproduction. The drug is recommended to be used if plants weakened by rains and deficiency of nutrients began to be affected by pathogens.

Composition and principle of action

"Healer" is an easy-to-use fungicide of contact and local systemic action. The drug is in the form of granules, which dissolve in water before use. For use in personal subsidiary plots, you can buy a bag weighing 3 grams. On sale there is a package of 1 kilogram.

As part of this fungicidal agent, there are two active substances at once - famoxadone and cymoxanil. Both of these components inhibit the growth and development of mycelium, germination of conidia and prevent sporulation. "Healer" is used to combat fungal diseases of plants. Active substances prevent the development of pathogens from the class of basidiomycetes, ascomycetes, oomycetes, deuteromycetes. The drug is used against rust, powdery mildew (real and false), septoria and other fungi.

On sale there is a "Healer" based on other active ingredients (mancoceb and metalaxil). Its analogue is the fungicidal preparation Metaxil. It is a contact-systemic remedy against diseases of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.

The drug also fights late blight, peronosporosis, alternaria, powdery mildew.

The active components of the fungicidal agent act on the surface and are even able to penetrate into the plants. True, penetrating the leaves, they cannot move in them. The drug is recommended to be used in dry (not rainy) weather. In this case, the active substances will have time to penetrate the organs of the plant within an hour and will protect it from fungi for 2 weeks.

"Healer" is a fungicidal agent that is used to treat and prevent dangerous fungal diseases of garden crops. The drug can be used 3-4 times per season, taking breaks of 14-21 days. Fungicide does not accumulate in plants and soil, it quickly collapses, however, it manages to protect plants from damage by dangerous fungi for 2 weeks.


"Healer" is used to protect garden crops from a number of fungal diseases. The drug is used against diseases of potatoes and tomatoes (alternaria, late blight), onions (peronosporosis), grapes (mildew), sunflower (white and gray rot, phomopsis, downy mildew).

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the "Healer":

  • can be used for the prevention and treatment of fungal diseases;
  • possesses contact and systemic activity against the pathogen;
  • does not harm garden crops and the environment.

Disadvantages of a fungicidal agent:

  • ineffective for severe damage;
  • the period of protective action is no more than 2 weeks, re-treatment is required.

Compatibility with other products

The Healer can be used with other fungicides and bactericides. This drug is allowed to be used in conjunction with fertilizers and growth stimulants (except alkaline). With the complex use of various chemical plant protection products, the dosage of each must be adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Instructions for use

"Healer" consumption table for different cultures:

CultureDiseaseConsumption rate

(processing area)

Conditions and method of applicationNumber of treatments (interval)

late blight

3 grams per 5 liters of water

(50 sq. meters)

Four times per season in different growing seasons (beginning of row closing, budding, end of flowering, growth of tubers and berries)4 times (15 days)

late blight

3 grams per 5 liters of water

(50 sq. meters)

Several sprays during the growing season (the first is prophylactic)4 times (8-12-14 days)
bow (except for onions on a feather)peronosporosis3 grams per 2.5 liters of water

(50 sq. meters)

Several sprays during the growing season (the first is prophylactic)3 times (12-21 days)


"Healer" is a fungicidal agent, chemical in composition. It belongs to the 3rd class of hazard. It is recommended to work with the solution in a protective suit, respirator or mask, rubber gloves. Fungicide should not be taken orally. If the solution accidentally comes into contact with the skin, the place of contamination should be rinsed with clean water. If a fungicidal agent enters the human body, it is necessary to drink several glasses of water with soda and induce vomiting, and then take activated charcoal tablets.

The cultivation of garden crops is carried out using a special sprayer with a fine spray. This device helps to dose the solution and treat the largest possible area. It is forbidden to exceed the rate specified in the instructions.

You cannot use this remedy daily. Reapplication is permitted after a certain interval.

It is forbidden to spray fungicide during the active summer of bees. It is better to carry out processing in the evening, in dry and calm weather. Before use, it is recommended to read the instructions on the package. Depending on the composition and manufacturer, the rate of the drug may be different.

How to store

It is recommended to store the "healer" separately from food products. It is advisable to keep all the means for protecting garden crops together in a household room (pantry). The preparation in the form of granules can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. An aqueous solution is made at the time of application, that is, immediately before spraying garden crops. It is forbidden to store the remains of the dissolved agent; they are poured out of the garden or garden.


On sale you can find "Healer" with a different composition. Each type of drug has its own analogues. For example, "Thanos" is a fungicidal agent based on famoxadone and cymoxanil. This is a preparation in the form of granules, which must be diluted in water before use.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Protects tomatoes, potatoes, onions, sunflowers, grapes from fungal diseases. Exactly the same composition of the drug "Profit Gold".

The “healer” based on mancozeb and metalaxil is similar to the fungicidal agent “Metaxil”. The drug is used to protect garden crops from fungal diseases. The fungicide "Acidan" has a similar composition. Preparations with these active substances are used against late blight, powdery mildew, macrosporiosis, Alternaria, mildew, anthracnose.


Olga Viktorovna, 52, summer resident: “I use the Healer every year, usually at the end of May, for processing potatoes and tomatoes. If the lesion is weak, I spray the cultures with this fungicide 2 more times. If it is strong, then I switch to other chemicals. "

Nikolay, 65 years old: “I use the“ Healer ”drug only after the appearance of a fungal disease. I usually use biofungicides. I definitely do preventive spraying of the seed. "

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