Characteristics and description of the Infinity tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Infinity tomato variety

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The Infiniti tomato variety belongs to the early maturing. Designed for planting in greenhouses and in open ground. Easily tolerates hot weather. The plant is semi-determinate. Grown in greenhouses without additional heating. It is famous for its high harvest. From one bush, on average, you can collect up to 7 kg of tomatoes.

General information

Round-shaped fruits contain a storehouse of vitamins. Description of tomatoes: the skin is glossy, smooth, the color is bright red, without greenery at the stalk, unripe tomatoes are pale green.

During transportation, the presentation is not lost. Tomato Infinity F1 has large round fruits. Do not burst when hot worked. Due to their large size, the fruits are not pickled or salted whole. The average weight of one tomato is 250 - 260 grams.

They are characterized by long fresh storage: if the tomatoes are placed in a cold place after harvesting, the tomatoes can be stored for several weeks.


The fruits of this tomato variety are very diverse in use. The main component in the manufacture of a variety of ketchups, sauces and tomato juice. Used in salads. They make marinades, pickles and other homemade preparations for the winter. Tomatoes of this variety are not salted whole due to their large size.

Variety yield

Infinity is considered a high-yielding hybrid. An average of 16 - 17 kilograms of tomatoes can be harvested from one square meter. Who once planted this variety of tomatoes was very pleased with the result.

Pros and cons of the variety

Of course, Infiniti tomatoes have enough advantages:

  • they easily endure hot weather;
  • do not burst or crack;
  • excellent taste;
  • firmly tolerate fungi and viruses;
  • high productivity;
  • transportability.

In a greenhouse or film shelter, the fruits ripen very amicably. They retain excellent taste even after long-term storage. The characteristic of the variety is the most positive.

Like any variety of tomatoes, there are small disadvantages:

  • due to its high growth, the bush must be tied to a support;
  • double removal of stepsons is required;
  • absolutely do not tolerate frost.

The height of the bush reaches up to 1.8 m. Removal of stepchildren at the beginning of flowering and after fruit ovary. To grow a good crop, the bushes need to be cleaned regularly. Anyone who planted tomatoes on their site is well aware that extra stepchildren adversely affect the amount of the crop.

Sowing seedlings

Before sowing seeds for seedlings, it is necessary to select defective and unsuitable seeds for planting.

Those who have grown tomatoes and have some experience are advised to keep the seeds in the refrigerator for 3 days before planting, to undergo light hardening. Soak the seeds for 10-15 hours before planting. You can add a few drops of aloe juice to the water, which helps to disinfect the seeds from external and internal parasites.

Seedlings can be sown in separate glasses or special containers-cells. Fill the container with peat and tamp well.

Pour the earth with warm water with the addition of fertilizer. Plant one seed in each glass-cell. Cover the seeds with earth from above, tamp and water again. Cover the container with glass and put in a warm place.

Landing in open ground

In early June, seedlings can be planted in open ground. Go to greenhouses a little earlier, at the end of May. The earth should warm up well under the sun, otherwise, when planting seedlings in cold earth, the roots may die.

The soil should be sufficiently loose and moist. The tomato of this variety requires repeated feeding during the period of full growth. The solution may include not only chemical, but organic fertilizers. Reviews of summer residents say that observing all the rules and regulations, the Infiniti tomato variety will surprise and delight you with a generous harvest.



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