Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Banana red, yellow, pink and variegated, yield

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Banana red, yellow, pink and variegated, yield

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The banana tomato variety has appeared recently. It was bred specifically for the climatic conditions of Russia. There are several subspecies in this variety, differing in color: tomato Banana red, pinkish, yellow, orange, spotted. The vegetable received this name for the unusual shape and arrangement of tomatoes on a branch. They are like tropical fruits.

Their peculiarity is that they have strong immunity to many diseases, several fruits ripen on a branch at once, resembling bananas in shape. The characteristic and description of the variety allows you to explain to gardeners how this culture differs, how to properly care for it.

Characteristics of tomatoes

Description of the tomato variety Banana red can be read on the package with seeds. This culture is a selection variety that ripens quite early, practically does not get sick and brings several ripe fruits at once on one bush. This variety does not belong to the high-yielding variety, therefore, if you need to get a high yield, you can plant many bushes at once, or choose another variety. The bushes are not very tall, so they do not need a garter.

Elongated tomatoes are small in size, similar to bananas. One fruit weighs no more than 80 grams. The skin is firm, the flesh is sweet. They tolerate transportation well over long distances. Tomatoes can be cut into salads, soups, salted in jars. They are rather dry for juices. In addition to red tomatoes, there are also varieties of pink banana tomato and variegated banana tomato. They are relatives of the banana family, differing only in color.

The variegated variety has tall bushes and very unusual fruits: striped red-yellow, curved downwards, sweet and tasty. They are used mainly for making adjika, tomato paste.

There is also the Golden Banana tomato. They have yellow fruits that hang from the bushes like banana bunches, fleshy and juicy. If someone is allergic to red vegetables, then this species is ideal for eating.

Reviews of these varieties are very positive. Although, like everyone else, they have their drawbacks. They can become infected with fungal diseases. It is transmitted mainly from the soil or from other plants. Therefore, for prevention, it is better to periodically spray with special agents.

All lovers of exclusive species need to know how to grow them properly. Good care is required to achieve the desired yield.

Growing in the garden and care

If you look at the description of the variety, you can see that these tomatoes ripen early, which means that the seeds germinate quickly enough. They need a lot of nutrition and strength to grow, warmth and good watering.

Since the variety is very sensitive to fungal diseases, it is necessary to start prophylaxis against them already from the seeds. They are soaked in a solution before planting, which will help develop immunity in the future. Later, the bushes in the greenhouse are periodically treated from the appearance of a fungus or an attack of insects.

The secret of growing from seed is simple: you need to plant it not very deeply into the container at the same distance and wait for germination. While the shoots are getting stronger, they need to provide a comfortable environment.

  • A box with seedlings is placed on the sunny side of the window (you can put an additional lamp);
  • Water every time the earth dries up;
  • Carry out for a while outside, airing and tempering.

When the seedlings grow up and get stronger, then they are planted in a greenhouse. This usually happens after two months. The soil in the greenhouse should be well fertilized and watered. Do not forget to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse once a week and air them by opening the doors and windows. Watering is carried out in the evening. It is worth remembering that if you water too much, fungus can develop. Therefore, this should only be done when the ground is dry.

Periodically, the soil is loosened and weeded, removing weeds, which take useful substances from the vegetable. This must be done carefully, without damaging the stems and roots.

New seeds are bought every year. From grown tomatoes, they will not sprout or produce the desired variety.

With proper care, you can get up to 10 vegetables from one bush that resemble small bananas, which will delight the family with their taste and unusual shape.


Lyudmila, 45 years old: I decided that this year I will plant Red Banana tomatoes. I bought seeds in a special store. I am very satisfied. The long fruits ripen almost at the same time, they do not need supernatural care, they are very tasty and fragrant. I slightly salted the smaller ones in the jars. They also go well for conservation. Crunchy with a dense skin. Next time I will try the banana yellow tomato.

Red Banana tomatoes and others are suitable for those gardeners who dream of planting unusual varieties in the country. Knowing and fulfilling all the requirements for their cultivation, you can get an excellent harvest in the form of beautiful and tasty fruits. Whoever planted them once wants to grow them again and again.

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