Recipes for tomatoes in apple juice for the winter you will lick your fingers

Recipes for tomatoes in apple juice for the winter you will lick your fingers

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Tomatoes in apple juice for the winter - there is an unusual harvest. This is a combination of tomato, apple flavor in one can, and the benefits of a vegetable, fruit. There are several recipes for cooking tomatoes in this way, so you can easily choose your favorite.

The benefits of pickled tomatoes

In winter, you cannot imagine a dining table without red tomato fruits. The concentration of nutrients in the vegetable does not change even after salting. They contain lycopene, a useful substance that helps prevent the development of cancer. Canned fruits contain a lot of iodine, iron, zinc, potassium. Trace elements help the circulatory system and heart function normally, strengthen human bones, and normalize the thyroid gland.

Canned tomatoes are included in the diet of those who are going to lose weight, since their calorie content is very low. The fiber contained in the pulp of a salty product improves the course of digestion processes in the stomach, intestines, and reduces the risk of constipation. The beneficial properties include the fact that tomatoes affect kidney function, making it easier. Their use in winter reduces the risk of catching flu and colds.

Apple juice - good or bad

It is not for nothing that apple juice is included in the system of healthy eating. Its value is great for children, elderly people. It contributes to:

  • elimination of arrhythmia;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • preventing the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes;
  • good work of the digestive system;
  • activating the motility of the intestinal walls;
  • increased vitality;
  • normalization of metabolic processes.

Apple juice cures anemia, cleanses the liver, and fights infections. Therefore, preparations from tomatoes in apple brine in winter will give the hostess and her family health, and protect against many diseases.

Recipes for the winter

Pickled tomatoes on apple marinade are prepared from two kilograms of tomato fruits, one liter of juice. After spreading the ripe fruits of tomatoes in jars, pour boiling juice, to which one tablespoon of salt is added. To improve the taste, put several black peppercorns, two or three leaves of mint, bay leaves, dill seeds in jars. It takes eight to ten minutes to sterilize containers with tomatoes in apple juice according to the recipe.

Before removing the blanks to the basement, they are wrapped up and allowed to cool.

Vegetables are prepared without sterilization. For the first time, containers with tightly packed tomatoes are poured with boiling water. After holding for five minutes, the water is drained, and the jars are poured with apple brine, which has just boiled. They usually use juice prepared on their own, but you can also store it. If you used sour apples to make the marinade, then add a spoon to the pickles - two sugars.

Pickled ginger

Tomato in apple juice will spice up recipes for the winter, so that you lick your fingers, will add ginger root.

It is enough to take half a teaspoon of it. One liter of clarified apple juice from the store is taken per kilogram of tomato. At home, squeeze liquid from two and a half kilograms of apples, then dilute with boiled water in a 2: 1 ratio.

Putting the filling for boiling, add ground ginger, a tablespoon of salt and two - sugar to it. Pour the tomatoes with boiled liquid. Then the cans are placed in a water bath for pasteurization for half an hour. The sterilized workpieces are rolled up and wrapped until they cool. It turns out a delicious product, it's not for nothing that the recipe is called Lick your fingers. It is necessary to pickle vegetables in this way, and then you will understand this expression.

How to properly prepare apple filling

For aromatic juice, you need nine medium-sized apples and sugar to taste. Before placing fruits in a juicer, they are cleaned of seeds, cut into halves. From this amount of fruit, a liter of liquid is obtained. The juice filtered through cheesecloth must be boiled for three to five minutes, without boiling.

During cooking, remove the foam and floating pulp from above. Then the pan is removed from the heat, sugar is added. It is better to get the filling without pulp in a juicer. Leave the fruit in the pan for an hour and a half. Then the resulting liquid is poured into another container, and the pulp is used to make mashed potatoes.

It is better to prepare a drink from juicy, sweet apples. To make the concentration of the juice less, then it is diluted with boiled water.

Housewives' opinion about unusual recipes

Many have tried canning tomatoes in apple juice. Opening a jar in winter, you will feel the apple-tomato smell. In this case, the brine becomes a jelly consistency, although ordinary apple juice was used for preservation. Many, eating tomatoes, use apple marinade for making sauces, fillings for meat and vegetable dishes. During the winter, in the spring, such preparations will help the body to be nourished with vitamins, useful elements. Therefore, most housewives decided to themselves: we pickle tomatoes only with apple pickle. Delicious should also be healthy.

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