Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Gruntovy Gribovsky

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Gruntovy Gribovsky

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Tomato Ground Gribovsky 1180 was bred by Siberian breeders, included in the State Register. This variety ripens quite early and brings a bountiful harvest. The plant perfectly tolerates cold, practically does not get sick. This variety is suitable for fresh food, the tomatoes are large with a rich tomato flavor.

Details of the variety

The description of the tomato Gruntovy Gribovsky allows you to determine how to properly grow this variety and care for it. The characteristics and description of the variety are described on the seed package. The variety was created specifically for the cold regions of the country, it is resistant to many diseases.

This is an early ripe variety, in July you can enjoy ripe juicy fruits. The plant has a growing point, usually does not grow above 60 centimeters. Low bushes are good because they do not need to be tied up, pinned. The harvest is always plentiful, the fruits ripen almost simultaneously.

The fruits can weigh up to 150 grams. The shape is round, correct. They are red, juicy and tasty. The pulp is fleshy. Their average size allows them to be preserved whole. But basically, these tomatoes are grown fresh for eating. Salads made from them in combination with other vegetables are simply incredible. The skin is thin, does not tolerate transportation well.

You need to grow these tomatoes correctly, otherwise you can make mistakes.

Growing features

Tomatoes can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in seedlings. First, seedlings are germinated from seeds at home. They are sown in special containers, covered with foil, and they are waiting for seedlings. During germination, tomatoes need to be provided with the right temperature and sufficient amount of light.

When the sprouts have already formed three leaves, they can be planted in different pots. This is done to accelerate their growth. Seedlings periodically need to be fed, loosened the ground. They also need to be ventilated, tempered.

They are sometimes taken out onto the balcony, thus preparing them for planting in the garden.

Only seedlings with strong stems and healthy leaves are planted on the site. When planting, it is important to maintain the required distance. The land is prepared in advance, it must be fertilized and loosened. Before the fruits appear, the bushes need care in the form of feeding, watering, and cultivating the land.

Gentle care

Ground tomatoes Gribovsky require special care. It is necessary to study all the rules that apply to him. After all, tomatoes bear better fruit if they pay more attention to them.

This tomato variety is very fond of fertile soil and high-quality watering. All this is important to ensure for their normal development. Water the tomatoes once a week with plenty and well with warm water, which has stood for several days in a barrel.

It is necessary to feed with mineral and organic fertilizers several times during the growth of tomatoes. To make the food flow faster, the soil is loosened once a week. It is also necessary to mulch the land. So the fruits will not lie on the ground.

It is not necessary to tie up and pinch this plant. But it is important to treat foliage with special solutions for diseases and harmful insects so that they do not overpower vegetable crops.

If tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse, then the greenhouse is always ventilated on a hot day by opening the vents and doors. Thus, the level of humidity and temperature are controlled.

Removing weeds is necessary, as it takes away all the strength and nutrition from the crops. Tomatoes should not be planted in the same place every year, otherwise they will not bear fruit well.

Tomato variety Gruntovy Gribovsky will be very popular with those who prefer early salad varieties. Growing it is not difficult, since caring for a tomato is very simple. In order for tomatoes to bring a bountiful harvest, it is important to study all the requirements for this care. Successful landings!

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