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How to prune repair raspberries

How to prune repair raspberries

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I bought a repair raspberry, they said to cut it to the root, is that right?


Ludmila, to carry out or not, pruning depends on the region of residence. Premature cutting of the bush can trigger the growth of new buds. Therefore, in the southern strip, autumn pruning is not carried out, leaving it until spring. In the middle lane, repairing raspberries are trimmed in mid-October or early November, depending on your weather conditions. The freshly planted bush is pruned, leaving stumps up to 20-25 cm. The raspberries undergo a full pruning of annual shoots the next year, by which time the bush will take root and grow the root system. In this case, cropping is carried out to ground level.

Varieties of remontant raspberries bearing fruit on two-year-old shoots are not completely pruned. Preparation for winter of such varieties is also carried out as ordinary raspberry varieties.