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Peach cultivation

Peach cultivation

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Someone was growing peach in their area. This year I would like to realize my old dream and plant a peach. Are there varieties that survive the fairly cold season well?


Peach is not so capricious tree, both in weather conditions and in agricultural technology. Highly frost-resistant varieties withstand frosts down to -32 C, though flower buds die at -20 C, and buds withstand only up to -10 C. Peach is grown even in harsh Siberia, for this purpose a seedling is planted at an angle of 45 degrees and covered with straw for the winter and soil.

For cultivation, choose highly frost-resistant varieties such as Fluffy Early, Flamingo, Red Maiden, Juicy, Fairy Tale, Laureate, Golden Moscow, etc. Large selection of varieties of early ripening. And do not forget about winter shelter if you live in the middle or northern part of Russia.