Characteristics of the Rally tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics of the Rally tomato variety, its yield

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This variety is an early ripe hybrid that can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses. Tomato Rally can be grown in the southern regions of the country, in the Volga region, in the Moscow region and in the middle lane, it is better to plant the variety in greenhouses.

Description and main characteristics

Tomato Rally F1 is a super early hybrid, only two months pass from the moment the seedlings appear before the harvest begins. Therefore, the variety has become very popular with vegetable growers looking to get early produce from their beds.

Rally bushes are of the indeterminate type, tall, branched, fairly well leafy. The foliage is dark emerald. The shoots are strong, strong, in height they can reach up to 0.6 - 0.75 m. The variety requires a mandatory tie to the trellises or supports, it is necessary to regularly remove stepchildren.

The first ovary is usually formed above 4 - 5 permanent leaves. The ovaries are collected in racemose inflorescences (5-6 flowers in each). The description of the variety indicates what kind of fruit the hybrid will grow. Ripe fruits are bright red, dense, inside - up to 5 - 6 chambers with seeds. The shape of a ripe tomato is round, slightly flattened. The ripened fruit mass can reach 250 - 300 g.

The first fruits begin to ripen in mid-June, but the harvest is usually delayed by about a month and a half.

The fruits should be plucked as they ripen and eaten immediately. Rally is not suitable for conservation due to the too large size of ripe tomatoes.

Outdoors from 1 m2 7,5 - 8 kg of ripe tomatoes are harvested, in greenhouse conditions the yield of the Rally is higher - up to 12 kg. The skin is firm, of medium thickness, not prone to cracking. Ripe tomatoes are capable of transporting long distances.

The characteristic of the variety will be incomplete without a story about the resistance of the Rally tomato to diseases. This hybrid was created with immunity to the following diseases:

  • late blight;
  • fusarium;
  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • brown spotting;
  • nematodes.

The yield is quite high, but the harvest is extended over time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of the variety:

  • early ripening of the crop;
  • high productivity;
  • good presentation of ripe fruits;
  • high resistance to most diseases affecting vegetables of the nightshade family;
  • ripe tomatoes tolerate transportation well.

There are practically no disadvantages of these tomatoes. One of the disadvantages is the need for pinching, and the shoots have to be tied up so that they do not break under the weight of the harvest.

Nuances of growing tomato Rally

There are practically no peculiarities of growing this tomato. In most regions of the country, seedlings are first grown at home, which are later planted in open ground or in greenhouses.

The rules of crop rotation should be observed when planting tomato seedlings in the garden. The best precursors are cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, and herbs (parsley or dill). The basic care for the planted bushes of Rally tomatoes is the same as for other tomatoes: regular watering, loosening, removing weeds, fertilizing.

Reviews about this variety were left by vegetable growers who plant Rally tomatoes not for the first season. All gardeners note the excellent germination of seeds, rapid growth of seedlings, undemanding care and quick ripening of fruits.

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