Is it possible to keep rabbits and chickens in the same room, the pros and cons

Is it possible to keep rabbits and chickens in the same room, the pros and cons

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Due to the lack of space, sometimes it is necessary to keep different animals in the same territory. Some animals get along well together, while others absolutely cannot be lodged nearby. Some people wonder if rabbits and chickens can be kept together in the same room. The answer to this question is yes, but even under ideal conditions, living together will only be inconvenient.

Is it possible to keep rabbits with chickens in the same room

First of all, it is important to consider that each animal is a whole world in terms of territory and relationships. Many factors can interfere with the coexistence of different species. For example, male rabbits do not interact with birds in the same way as females. In addition, the process of adaptation of one species to another should be as slow and gradual as possible. It is difficult to keep rabbits with chickens, it is better not to allow this.

Positive points

Keeping animals together saves space. Unfortunately, this is the only positive point, since such different species are difficult to keep together. However, when keeping these animals, certain conditions must be adhered to.

What difficulties may arise

Chickens love to peck anything that comes their way, and therefore it can happen that they will peck at adult rabbits or their offspring. Experience has shown that serious injuries can be avoided as the birds are only curious, but the resting places should still be separate.

A common life is productive only if the animals remain calm and do not attack each other. Therefore, among other things, it is best to avoid the appearance of male rabbits next to chickens.

Males are temperamental and can attack neighbors without further ado. Non-castrated rabbits tend to additionally mark their territory. So there were cases when an uncastrated male urinated on birds. Therefore, male rabbits should be avoided in a room with chickens.

Feeding in the same room can cause problems due to the fact that these animals are given different foods. After a while, however, both chickens and rabbits begin to sample their neighbors' food. This can lead to serious digestive problems in both types of pets.

In addition, both chickens and rabbits tend to prefer other types of food over their own, because the other food tastes different and is therefore interesting. The result is an unbalanced diet. Sometimes food can be extremely dangerous. For example, boiled porridge will cause constipation and souring of food in animals, which can lead to severe poisoning. Therefore, you should choose a food that will not harm both types. In addition, these animals cannot be fed at the same time.

Birds can infect rabbits with coccidia, which in turn can lead to severe gastrointestinal infections. In urgent cases, this can result in the death of a pet. To avoid this, birds should be regularly checked for coccidia and prevented against parasites. Do not forget about various temperature conditions and hygiene standards. Drafts, cold and overheating will ultimately lead to illness and death.

Conditions for keeping in one room

Separate sleeping quarters are important when keeping these species. Each species needs its own paddock, as they need to be separated while sleeping. Animals should not interfere with each other's sleep and rest. Ideally, there should be two rooms connected together. They should be built in such a way that in which case the animals can be separated. If you want to keep them together, then you need to not only build a chicken coop, but also think about creating a rabbit house.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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As for the common area, you must also provide sufficient space. Animals should be able to disperse at any time and be close to their species.

When keeping chickens and rabbits together, the breed of birds should also be taken into account, since only breeds that behave calmly should be kept with rabbits. Active birds can disturb or even hurt their neighbors. One reason for this is that temperamental breeds need more space and do not like to share their space with other animals such as rabbits. Calm breeds will bite less rabbits and will not cause anxiety. Although they can be kept together, it is advisable to keep these animals separately to avoid problems.

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