Instructions for the use of the herbicide Pulsar, composition and form of release of the product

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Pulsar, composition and form of release of the product

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If you grow peas or soybeans, then you are probably concerned about annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds. Since it is unrealistic to deal with them manually, agricultural technicians and gardeners use herbicides. These substances are presented in a wide range, so it is difficult to choose the right product. We will give you useful information about the herbicide Pulsar.

Composition and form of release of weed killer

The product of the German company BASF destroys cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in soybeans and peas. It is produced in the form of a solution in plastic containers with a volume of 10 liters.

The active ingredient is imazamox in an amount of 40 grams per liter. The active ingredient stops the growth of weeds just a few hours after spraying, as it reduces the level of required amino acids.

Pulsar has a third class of danger for mammals and bees, that is, for them it is minimally dangerous.

Advantages and disadvantages of herbicide Pulsar

This herbicide is popular with consumers because:

  • at suitable humidity prevents the development of a new generation of weeds;
  • harmless to crops that will be sown in the treated area after harvesting peas and soybeans;
  • systemic action is suitable for soil activity;
  • effectively removes cereal annual and dicotyledonous weeds;
  • differs in a wide range of applications and mild aftereffect;
  • acts quickly.

The disadvantages include only the high cost of Pulsar. It is classified as a new generation herbicide, so it has minimal effect on the soil. But in order to achieve a positive result, you must strictly follow the instructions for use.

Reducing / increasing the dose can negatively affect the quality and quantity of the crop.

Mechanism of action

Pulsar, falling on a weed, is completely absorbed by it. In just a few hours, the plant stops producing amino acids, blocking protein synthesis, which ensures its growth.

The effect of the herbicide is noticeable 21-30 days after spraying. The speed of action is influenced by the number and size of weeds, as well as climatic features.

If the soil is moist enough, new harmful crops will not appear soon.

Consumption rates

To achieve the maximum positive result, you need to comply with the consumption rates.

On peas

CultureConsumption rate per hectareWeed typeProcessing period
Sowing peas0.75-1 lDicotyledons, annuals and perennialsWhen the seedlings have reached the 3-5 leaf phase
Vegetable peas0.75 l

On soy

CultureConsumption rate per hectareWeed typeProcessing period
Soy0.75-1 lDicotyledons, annuals and perennialsWhen the seedlings have reached the 2-3 leaf phase

How to prepare a working solution

Pour the required amount (according to the instructions) of the Pulsar into the tank, add water and mix thoroughly.

Instructions for the use of herbicide Pulsar

It is best to process soybeans when 2-3 trifoliate leaves have already appeared on it. After the 14-28 days procedure, you should refrain from inter-row cultivation, as it can disturb the herbicide screen.

It is enough to treat soybeans with a herbicide once a season. You can repeat the procedure in case of severe drought.

It is better to process peas after 3-5 true leaves appear. The optimal consumption is 0.85 liters per hectare of sown area. It is forbidden to carry out cultivation 2-4 weeks after spraying.

If the beds are heavily overgrown, it is recommended to use a mixture of Pulsar and Basagran.

On herbicide-treated soil, you can sow:

  • soybeans, peas and beans after 3 months;
  • winter wheat - after 4 months;
  • spring wheat, oats and barley - after 9 months;
  • winter barley, corn, sunflower, rice - after 11 months;
  • beets, rapeseed, vegetables - after 16 months.

One area can be treated with Pulsar once every 3 years.

Before spraying, it is recommended to test the water in the laboratory for its combination with the herbicide. Otherwise, it can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Best processing time

It is better to spray on a windless day, otherwise the working solution will scatter to other areas. If the wind speed exceeds 5 meters, the procedure is prohibited.

Precautions during operation

The indisputable advantage of the herbicide is safety for humans, bees and animals. Despite this, it is not recommended to use it near water bodies and apiaries.

During processing, it is necessary to control so that the Pulsar does not get on other crops, since it can negatively affect them.

Spraying should be carried out in protective clothing, goggles and a respirator. Upon completion of work, you need to wash and wash your hands with soapy water.


Not phytotoxic if the indicated dosages are observed.

Compatibility with other drugs

Pulsar works great with Bazagran herbicide. They can be combined to treat heavily weed-contaminated peas and soybeans. The working solution is prepared according to the following scheme: 0.6 l / ha of Pulsar is combined with 1.5 l / ha of Bazagran. The mixture will effectively remove cocklebur, cablewort and ragweed.

Storage conditions of funds

Pulsar should be stored in a dark room at temperatures from 0 to +35 degrees. It is usable for three years from the date of manufacture.

What can be replaced

Since the price of Pulsar is high, you can use instead:

  1. Basagran.
  2. The paradox of August.
  3. Pivot.
  4. Rodimych.

They work in the same way as the German herbicide, but are much cheaper.


Pulsar not only performs the main task well, but also contributes to an increase in yield, since the soil provides cultivated plants with the proper amount of nutrients.

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