How to wean a goat from butting and why it does it, neutralizing horns

How to wean a goat from butting and why it does it, neutralizing horns

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Goat breeders know that a horned "devil" can bring you to white heat. This is a free wayward animal, and when the goat is still butting, only escape will help. She will not retreat, such is her character. The ability to wrestle her only excites, provokes. What is the reason for this behavior, maybe it is a mistake in communicating with an animal? It is necessary to analyze everything, try to correct the omissions.

Why does the goat butt

In a herd, goats can butt for various reasons: they have fun, sort things out at the trough. The goats are butting for domination in the "girl's" harem. They attack a person - because he taught them this himself. For fun, the owners play with the kids and press on the horns. For toddlers, this is an imitation of combat, but when they grow up, they use the horns seriously.

Male goats are especially fond of fighting, because for them it is a natural instinct. Deliberately causing serious injury to an opponent is not in the nature of the female. Goats butt fiercely during the rutting season, when they defend their herd or territory. Sometimes goats butt kids easily, raising or driving them away.

How to wean a goat from butting

It is difficult to wean adult animals from a bad habit, but this must be done. The main commandment for the owners: when playing with the kids, you cannot take them by the growing horns, and also put pressure on the frontal zone. Another person must establish leadership, it is not worth being "his brother" for the horned robbers. If there is aggression, cold water will cool the impudent person. A loud, commanding voice that can train pets to decent manners helps.

Pet conflicts often occur:

  1. When the owner enters the paddock.
  2. During feed distribution.
  3. The owner takes the animal for a walk.
  4. Trying to touch the horns.

Knowledgeable people recommend taking a small spray bottle with you. When the goat comes, you need to shout "stand" or "back". For especially naughty pets - arrange an educational shower with cold water. Amazingly, they learn their lessons, but not right away. It should be remembered: frequent stress affects the mental health of animals, you cannot overdo it with training.

How to neutralize animal horns

When the "persuasion" is in vain, a dehydration operation is performed. You can make it for an adult animal. The veterinarian must apply anesthesia (anesthesia). Drastic action is an extreme method, not every owner likes it. There are less traumatic defenses that will protect you from Dereza attacks.

Insulation for pipes

This is a good option if the goat is butting. Soft construction pipes are cut to a size larger than the length of the horns. To prevent the caps from flying off, they are pulled together slightly with special clamps. The goats look comical, but the design brings safety to the goats themselves, to people.

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Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

At first, the pet shakes its head, tries to shake off the pipes, and eventually gets used to the adaptations.

You should choose a safe material, the goat may accidentally chew on the protection. It is advisable to remove the fuses at night so that the animal can rest. They still scratch themselves with their horns from insect bites.

Tennis balls

The worn-out owner of the pugnacious goat came up with such adaptations. Soft tennis balls are ideal for safety caps. To put on the ball, you first need to drill a hole. Work should be done carefully, goats do not really like experimenting on themselves. The balls hold perfectly, so additional attachments are usually excluded. It is recommended to purchase several sets of balls, sometimes animals lose them on a walk when they scratch against fences. It is necessary to remove them in the evening and give the pet a rest from the unpleasant sensations.

Stitched socks

When you don't want to spend money on balls and pipes, you can sew soft socks for the horns yourself. It looks fun, but it's safe. Do not be afraid of painful pricks in the horns when the goat butts.

For the manufacture of soft cases, it is advisable to take a thick fabric; an old coat or a thick blanket is suitable for these purposes.

It is necessary to measure the volume of the horn, length, cut out a rectangular blank. Then sew it on the larger side and turn it inside out with a seam. The end part should be formed separately - like a ball filled with cotton wool or other soft filler. Finally, connect the parts.

Of course, safety comes first, but you need to try to hurt your pets less. From constant stress, a milking goat can lose milk, even get sick. Pay attention to your behavior, do not annoy, provoke animals to attack. Treat your pets more humanely, they will pay back with a kind attitude towards you.

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