Why tomatoes burst when salted and how to solve the problem

Why tomatoes burst when salted and how to solve the problem

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When preserving tomatoes, a nuisance arises - during sterilization they become covered with cracks. The reason for this is unknown. They can be of the same variety, plucked at the same time, about the same size. Therefore, it is not surprising that many housewives ask: how to salt tomatoes so that they do not burst afterwards? Let's take a look at the basic tips.

Why do tomatoes burst when preserved?

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Non-pickling varieties are used. Vegetables intended for curling have a dense skin. When salted, it does not crack.
  2. Overripe fruits were taken. You need to choose solid, with a flat surface. It is advisable to take Cream. They are more meaty. They practically do not crack.
  3. A sharp drop in temperature. Therefore, pour in the hot brine slowly.

Tomatoes crack if they are overexposed under a warm blanket after preservation.

Do I need to pierce tomatoes when preserving?

This is not necessary, but if you want to insure yourself, then you should pierce the base where the stalk is. Use a fork, needle, or toothpick. This reduces the tension on the film.

It should be pierced to the middle of the vegetable. Then they practically do not crack. In the jar, you can find only a couple of pieces with cracks. When the puncture depth is small, 70% of the tomatoes burst.

If you do not want to pierce, then vegetables should be rolled up in a 75 ° C marinade. So the temperature difference will not be large, they will remain intact.

How to salt and pickle tomatoes correctly so that they do not burst?

When marinating tomatoes in a jar, pour some hot marinade on the bottom. After it fogs up, pour in the rest of the liquid. This will keep the vegetables and the jar from cracking.

Cover the fruit with horseradish leaves when pickling. Thus, the hot liquid will get onto the sheets. If tomatoes are canned in half with cucumbers, then the latter are laid out on top. When in contact with boiling water, they will not crack. Pour in at intervals of a few seconds. So the jar and vegetables will warm up gradually.

There are two ways to salt tomatoes: cold, hot. If the skin is thin, punctures should be made in it. With the cold method, it is better to take firm fruits. During salting, they are poured with brine, oppression is placed on top. The soft ones will be completely crushed.

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