Instructions for the use of Iskra M, composition and dosage of the drug against pests

Instructions for the use of Iskra M, composition and dosage of the drug against pests

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Pest control on cultivated plants of different species takes a lot of time and energy from people. To facilitate the task, many insecticidal preparations are available. The consumer needs to choose the most effective and safe one. Spraying plantings with Iskra M helps to rid plants of various types of caterpillars. The product is suitable for fruit trees and shrubs, vegetables in open and closed ground.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the drug

Iskra is used to protect fruit trees, vegetable crops, berry bushes, and woodlands. The agent is effective against most types of sucking and gnawing insects. It is produced by the Russian association "Technoexport", supplied to retail chains in the form of a concentrated emulsion, packaged in plastic canisters with a capacity of 5 liters.

Belongs to the class of organophosphorus compounds. The active ingredient of the drug is malathion at a concentration of 525 grams / liter. It is used to protect plants from various types of insect pests. Destroys aphids, thrips, bedbugs, various types of caterpillars. Effective against adults and larvae.

The benefits of the drug include:

  • the duration of the protective action;
  • pesticide compatibility;
  • effective against most harmful insects.

Suitable for the preparation of tank mixes with pesticides. When preparing, it is necessary to check the preparations for chemical compatibility. The death of insects occurs within 0.5-2 hours after spraying. It is used for processing plants in open and closed ground. When processing woodlands, the aviation method of spraying is used.

Mechanism of action

"Iskra M" blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the insect organism, causing paralysis and death of pests during the first hours after the treatment of plants.

Instructions for use and consumption rates

Processing is carried out with a working solution of the drug. It is prepared before processing plants and is not stored for more than a day. Concentrate consumption rates depend on the type of processed crops.

Processed cropConsumption "Iskra M" concentrateVarieties of insect pestsTreatment period, consumption of working solution, in liters per hectareNumber of treatments per season
Different types of cereals0.5-1.2 litersAphids, thripsVegetative


Berry bushes (raspberries, currants, gooseberries)1-2.6 litersWeevils, moths, mites, leafworms, sawflies, gall midgesBefore flowering and after picking berries 200-4002
Vegetable crops0.6-1.2 litersTicks, aphids, whiteflyVegetative


Forage grasses0.2-06 litersBed bugs, various types of aphids, weevils, sawfliesVegetable 200-4002

The period of protective action is 14 days. Processing is carried out immediately after the detection of pests. Plants are sprayed in dry, calm weather. In the heat, the effectiveness of the drug increases. The emergence of resistance is possible, with systematic treatment, insecticides with different active substances should be used.

Insecticide Safety

The working solution is prepared at special sites remote from residential and agricultural premises. Do not exceed the concentration when preparing the working solution. The manufacturer's instructions for use of the drug must be observed.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The personnel working with Iskra M are provided with overalls, respirators, rubber gloves, and goggles.

It is forbidden to eat, smoke while carrying out work. Persons with allergic diseases, asthma are not allowed to work.

Important: if the substance gets into the eyes or on the skin, wash it off with plenty of running water and consult a doctor. Manual processing of crops is allowed after 10 days, and mechanical processing - 4 days after spraying. The substance has a hazard class 3 for humans (medium toxicity) and a hazard class 1 (high toxicity) for bees. Beekeepers must be warned 5-7 days before the work is carried out to adjust the timing of the flight of insects. Not used in the water protection zone.

Compatibility with other drugs

Iskra M is not miscible with oils, alkaline compounds, copper- and sulfur-containing agents, sulfide fertilizers.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store the product in special rooms, away from feed, food. In places inaccessible to strangers, children, pets and farm animals. Contain the drug in a factory tightly closed package containing information about its name, purpose and rules of use. Application period - 2 years from the date of production.

What can be replaced

Analogs are drugs from the Iskra line, for example, Iskra Zolotaya, Fufanon CE, Aliot CE, Karbofot CE.

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