Instructions for the use of Novosil for plants, consumption rates of the drug

Instructions for the use of Novosil for plants, consumption rates of the drug

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Without the use of chemical means of protection and drugs that increase the immunity of crops, it is difficult to grow and harvest a rich harvest, especially in areas of risky farming, where the air temperature varies greatly throughout the day. Novosil, a fertilizer produced by a domestic company, has many positive qualities, thanks to which gardeners often prefer the chemical and use it in their summer cottages.

Composition and release form of the drug

An immunostimulant, also characterized by a fungicidal effect, is produced on the basis of natural raw materials. The active component of the drug is obtained from the needles of Siberian fir - these are triterpenic acids (abiesonic and abiesolic). The Novosil preparative form is an aqueous emulsion, which is packaged in 10 or 30 gram vials or glass ampoules with a volume of 1 ml. For the convenience of measuring the drug, each bottle is equipped with a special pipette.

Scope and principle of operation

A growth regulator from a domestic manufacturer can be used in two ways - to soak the seed material before planting in the ground and to process already vegetating plants. The instructions indicate that the immunostimulant is allowed to be used for a wide range of grain, fruit, vegetable and berry crops.

The operating principle of Novosil is as follows:

  • acceleration of the formation of ovaries and an increase in their number on one plant;
  • shortening the ripening time of fruits, which is especially important for areas with short summers and cold autumn;
  • acceleration of the growth and development of cultivated plants;
  • prevention of infection with infectious diseases due to increased immunity;
  • prevention of ovary falling off plants during sudden cold snaps and temperature fluctuations;
  • improved taste of grown fruits, vegetables and berries, they become sweeter and juicier;
  • acceleration of seed germination and strengthening of seedlings;
  • stimulation of root formation and improvement of adaptation of bulbous plants in a new place;
  • restoration of crops after stressful situations, such as prolonged rains, prolonged drought;
  • improving the decorativeness of indoor flowers.

Instructions for the use of "Novosil"

The drug is accompanied by instructions from the manufacturer, which indicates in what dosages and how often the immunostimulant can be used. To achieve the desired result, you must adhere to the recommendations and apply the product correctly.

For seeds

In order to prepare the seed for germination, prepare a solution consisting of 1 ml of the drug (1 ampoule) and 1 liter of purified or settled water. The components are mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained and the seed is immersed in the working fluid, kept in solution for 6 hours.

This amount of working solution is enough to soak 1 kg of seed. The instructions indicate that the drug is allowed to be used for any plants - both fruit and ornamental.

For seedlings

It is recommended to process seedlings of vegetable crops a week before planting in open ground or a greenhouse. This will help young plants to quickly adapt to a new place and resist diseases and adverse weather conditions. To prepare a spray liquid, pour the contents of one ampoule of an immunostimulant into 3 liters of water and mix thoroughly.

After the cultures are transplanted to a permanent place of growth, they continue to be treated with the Novosil preparation, adhering to the consumption rates indicated in the instructions for each plant.

For spraying cucumbers, a liquid is prepared from 3 liters of water and 5 drops of the drug. During the growing season, the vegetable crop is processed 4 times - the first time, when 3 true leaves are formed on the bushes, then before the beginning of bud setting, then 2 more times with an interval of a week.

To feed tomato bushes, you need 15 drops of fertilizer in a 3-liter container of water. Tomatoes are sprayed three times, focusing on the beginning of flowering of the first, second and third brushes.

Planting onions is processed twice during the growing season - the first time, when 4 leaves are formed on the plants, the second time after 2 weeks. To prepare the working fluid, you will need 30 drops of Novosil per 3 liters.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The beds with cabbage are sprayed the first time, when 7 leaves are formed on the crops, the second treatment is carried out after the ovary of the heads of cabbage. 12 drops of fertilizer are poured into a 3-liter container with water.

You can stimulate the growth of potatoes by spraying the plantings with a solution of 1 liter of water and 30 drops of the drug. This is done during the period of active flowering of plants and a week after the first procedure.

For berry crops

Fertilizer allows you to improve the taste of berries and increase the yield from each bush by 25%. Shrubs of currants, raspberries, grapes and gooseberries are sprayed with a working solution twice during the growing season. The first time the treatment is carried out at the time of the formation of flower buds, the second - after half a month. 30 drops of fertilizer are poured into a 6-liter container with water.

Small bushes such as strawberries and strawberries need to be fed three times a season - during flowering, the end of the harvest and after the tendrils have been removed. For 3 liters of water you will need 15 drops of Novosil.

When preparing a working liquid for spraying, it must be remembered that the water should be slightly warm (about 35 degrees), then the drug dissolves better in it.

Fertilizer safety

"Novosil" refers to organic preparations and, according to the manufacturer's assurances, is not dangerous for both humans and animals. However, basic safety rules must still be followed. Work clothes and rubber gloves are used, and at the end of the treatment, face and hands are washed with soap.

Storage terms and rules

The shelf life of the immunostimulant, subject to storage conditions, is 3 years. They keep the bottles of fertilizer in a dark place where the air temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.


The fertilizer does not have an analogue in composition, but it can be replaced with a preparation with a similar effect - "Ecosil".

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