Description of the tomato variety Tomsk and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Tomsk and its characteristics

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Tomato Tomsk F1 is a relatively new hybrid honeycomb variety. However, she has already managed to win the love of vegetable growers and amateurs. Tomato is one of the favorite and delicious foods. These fruits are grown in many countries of the world, including Russia. It is not only tasty, but also a healthy product. Tomato is a product that contains valuable trace elements and vitamins necessary for the human body.

Tomatoes are eaten both in pure form and in a wide variety of dishes. They are used in the preparation of a variety of soups, meat dishes, spaghetti, pizza and so on. In addition, they are often canned and pickled for the winter.

Today, a huge number of the most diverse varietal varieties of tomatoes are known. New varieties are appearing on the market. One of these was Tomsk F1.

Description of the variety Tomsk F1

Tomsk F1 is a novelty on the Russian market. What is Tomsk F1 hybrid tomato? It is grown both in greenhouses and outdoors. Tomsk F1 can be safely attributed to mid-season varieties. Already 75 days after planting the seedlings in the ground, it becomes possible to enjoy the taste of the fruit.

Tomato bushes are of a determinate type. The height of the bushes often reaches 1 meter, so there is a need to tie the bushes to the support.

Interesting!One of the advantages of a varietal species is its high resistance to various diseases.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of tomatoes of the Tomsk F1 variety are quite large in size. The average fruit weight reaches 250 grams. The shape of the fruit is flat-round. Outwardly, they are smooth, shiny and dense. The color is deep red. Tomatoes are distinguished by their high taste and pleasant aroma. The fruit is juicy and moderately fleshy, with a light and pleasant sourness. The fruit contains a large amount of sugars.

The tomato of this varietal variety is suitable for preparing salads, other various dishes, for canning. They are also suitable for making tomato juice, ketchup, tomato paste. Freshly picked tomatoes are ideal for pure consumption.

Helpful!After harvesting, the fruits are stored for up to 15 days without losing their taste. Also tolerates transportation well, while remaining tight.


Thus, the main advantages of this varietal variety of tomatoes include the following:

  • High palatability;
  • Large (up to 300 grams) fruit sizes;
  • Disease and pest resistance;
  • Possibility of storage and transportation;
  • Ease of growing both under a film or in a greenhouse, and in the open field.

Such positive characteristics make Tomsk F1 a premium class.

The description of the Tomsk F1 hybrid makes it clear that such tomatoes can and should be grown in your summer cottage. The flattering reviews of vegetable growers about these tomatoes are another reason to buy seeds. Usually they are purchased in specialized stores, as well as ordered by mail or via the Internet.



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