Instructions for use of the drug Corado from the Colorado potato beetle

Instructions for use of the drug Corado from the Colorado potato beetle

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In the fight against Colorado beetles, gardeners use many different means. To get a good harvest, it is very important to choose and use the best product, so today we will talk about how to breed Corado from the Colorado potato beetle, what kind of drug it is and how to work with it.

Characteristics of the product

The main component in the composition of the drug is imidacloprid, which kills pests. Colorado also consists of an avermectin complex derived from mushrooms found in the soil.

The substance can be found in special stores in ampoules or bottles with a volume of 1–20 ml. Due to the huge concentration of poison, Colorado smells unpleasant and is very harmful to human health. When applying it, do not forget about basic safety rules.

Parasitic insects do not get used to this remedy, so it can be used an infinite number of times in the same garden, however, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, it is better to switch to another drug after 3 times using Colorado in a specific area.

The Colorado remedy quickly acts against pests, is capable of acting in 3 methods, which significantly increases its effectiveness. Means:

  1. Destroys adult insects.
  2. Kills the larvae.
  3. Prevents eggs from fully multiplying.

The drug allows you to get rid of a number of pests and remains equally effective in all weather conditions.

Can potatoes be sprayed with this preparation? Colorado affects the nervous system of Colorado beetles, thereby the poisoned beetle loses its ability to harm, and then completely dies within 2-3 days. It is highly not recommended to combine the product with other drugs. The creators assure that this approach can significantly reduce the efficiency of processing potatoes from Colorado potato beetles.

How to prepare the solution correctly?

To get the maximum effect from the product, it is recommended to strictly follow all the instructions attached to it, the correct dosage is important. Before preparing the mixture, you need to estimate the volume of the site. One ampoule of the drug is dissolved in 5 liters of water. It is desirable that the liquid in which the agent is diluted is at room temperature. At the end of the preparation of the solution, the diluted Corado is poured into the container of the sprayer, and the processing of the garden begins.

Please note that the agent is very poisonous and dangerous to humans. Protect the skin and respiratory tract before processing the plants. The last time you need to process the garden is when there are 3 weeks left before harvesting.

How to use the product?

After the Corado against the Colorado potato beetle is ready, it can be used for spraying or spraying. The plant processing procedure is carried out early in the morning or in the evening. This is to prevent the plants from getting sunburn. Spraying should occur evenly, affecting every bush, every twig. Do not process plants during flowering.

Important! The instructions for the drug clearly indicate that it is not recommended to use it in conjunction with other means.

By the way, it is worth noting that the drug is quite economical: one ampoule of Corado for potatoes is more than enough for one hundred square meters of potatoes. Several treatments can be made in one season, if necessary. While the drug is being used, the plants are not afraid of Colorado beetles, aphids and other pests.


As mentioned earlier, the drug is very toxic, although relatively safe. In any case, it is better to use protective equipment, wear gloves and specially prepared clothing during the processing of plants. If spraying is carried out in windy weather, goggles and a mask are useful. In addition, there are a number of rules that are also best followed when working with Corado:

  • The solution can only be diluted in a specially prepared container. In no case do not use dishes for this, as well as household items.
  • During the treatment period, you should not take breaks for food and smoking.
  • At the end of the treatment, it is advisable to thoroughly wash your hands, rinse your throat and rinse your nose.
  • If suddenly the drug gets into your eyes or nose, rinse them thoroughly with running water for 10–20 minutes.
  • If you get Corado poison in your mouth, drink half a liter of water as soon as possible and induce vomiting. If a large amount of the drug gets into the oral cavity, you should call an ambulance, you will need to wash the stomach.
  • At the end of work with the drug, just in case, it is advisable to drink activated charcoal with warm water, this will help to avoid poisoning.

Please note that if an apiary is located next to the garden where you plan to use Corado, then you should not use the product, since bees are unstable to such poisons. Also, you do not need to spray the plants with this agent as a prophylaxis. It is advisable to use it only in the presence of pests.


Corado is an excellent remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, capable of eliminating many different pests. Please try to familiarize yourself with our instructions for its preparation and use, and also pay special attention to the precautions. Thus, your garden will be protected from the misfortune of insects that destroy the crop.

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