Recipe for canning a tomato with raspberry leaves for the winter in jars

Recipe for canning a tomato with raspberry leaves for the winter in jars

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Many recipes for preserving tomatoes are original and delicious. For example, a recipe for pickled tomatoes with raspberry leaves in a jar. It contains acid, which allows you to keep vegetables in their original form for a long time.

Pickled tomatoes taste excellent, juicy, spicy. They can always be served with any table and side dish. They will decorate any dish. Guests, having tried these preparations for the winter, will certainly want to know the recipe in order to cook the same for themselves.

What products are coming

The recipe description will be based on one large recipe. It is advisable to make tomatoes in three-liter jars. So they look aesthetically pleasing. They will not lie for a long time, as they will be quickly eaten, because they are so tasty.


  • Tomatoes, a little over 1.5 kilograms;
  • Three leaves of raspberry, five-fingered;
  • Garlic, six to seven cloves;
  • Salt, two large spoons;
  • Sugar, five tablespoons of tablespoons;
  • One tablespoon of classic vinegar, nine percent.

The leaves should be large, flawless, taken in full branches. Select tomatoes medium, without cracks and spots, whole. Better if they are of the same grade, the same size. Garlic is divided into teeth, washed. You can take coarse salt. Everything needs to be well rinsed from the ground and dust, then dried.

Recipe description

Canning gives delicious pickled fruits. They go well with potatoes or pasta. To prepare such a recipe, you need to know the steps.

First you need to lay the leaves tightly to each other at the bottom of the jar. The bottom must be completely closed. Then vegetables are stacked, evenly and gradually, so as not to crumple. Garlic, previously peeled and divided into slices, is distributed between them. You can add some dill sprigs. Then all this is poured with hot boiling water, and allowed to stand for half an hour.

The water is poured into a saucepan and the brine is boiled. Add salt, sugar, vinegar to this brine immediately after boiling. Sugar improves the taste of vegetables, salt and vinegar prevent spoilage of the product. Then a jar of tomatoes is poured with this cooked marinade completely to the top and the lids are closed tightly.

Banks are turned over, put in a cool dark place overnight. In an inverted state, they need to stand until they cool completely.

It is best not to pour the contents of the jar with very hot water, but let it cool slightly. So the raspberry leaves will retain their beneficial properties and vitamins. These leaves give a special taste and aroma to tomatoes, and the acid they contain will prevent spoilage of the product.

This recipe is also useful for enhancing immunity. During the cold season, the body is greatly weakened, and a sour snack with raspberry leaves will help restore strength and restore energy.

The nuances of pickling

Conservation is a process that requires creativity and accuracy. You need to very carefully study all the nuances before starting to do this. Indeed, due to the slightest oversight, a whole jar with all the tomatoes can suffer. Sterilization is also not an easy art, but anyone can master it.

The fruits should be taken for pickling clean, strong, they should not have spots, holes, cracks. If greens and leaves are added to the marinade, then they are pre-washed in cold water, sorted out from yellowed, spotted, rotten. Raspberry leaves are very useful and must be plucked young, fresh and healthy.

Banks and lids must always be clean and sterilized. They are sterilized with hot water and steam. You can add soda to the water. Only then should it be thoroughly washed off. It is advisable to buy new covers each time to avoid swelling and the formation of fungus. Vinegar is added to create an acid that will keep germs and fungi out of the way.

Banks are put to dry on a dry cloth; you cannot touch your throat and inside the container with your hands. Avoid unnecessary splashes and food scraps.

After good sterilization, canned tomatoes last longer and at room temperature. They practically do not deteriorate.

Harvesting a tomato with raspberry leaves for the winter has an incomparable taste. The recipes are not complicated, but the requirements for them should be studied in advance. Anyone can do this, even a novice cook. Happy blanks!

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