What color is called piebald suit and a description of 3 horse breeds, their problems

What color is called piebald suit and a description of 3 horse breeds, their problems

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Piebald horses are considered one of the rarest. The animals gained their fame because of their extraordinary color. It attracts many horse breeders and ordinary people who admire these interesting animals. They have a strange and rich history and are considered unique. The animals look very exotic. Moreover, there are several types of such horses, each of which has certain characteristics.

Origin story

These spotted animals are mentioned in the documents of Ancient Egypt. They are also found in ancient Chinese and Mongolian drawings. The appearance of spots on the body of horses is associated with gene mutations that are inherited. Genes are responsible for the localization of spots on the body of animals. In this case, piebald color is not considered the only feature. In addition, many animals of this color have blue eyes.

In Europe, these animals have always been perceived with some disdain, comparing piebald color with cow. Usually they were used for economic purposes. Piebald horses came to America thanks to the conquistadors. There these animals became widespread. The Indians believed that spotted horses brought good luck in battle.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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The reliable origin of piebald animals has not been established. However, scientists are sure that the inclusions appeared as a result of mating of monochromatic horses, during which a gene mutation occurred.

Description of piebald suit

Piebald horses are characterized by the presence of extensive white spots in the main color of the skin. They differ in shape and location. In this case, the spots are characterized by chaotic localization and arbitrary sizes. Sometimes the spots cover such a large area that they practically merge with each other. At the same time, it seems that the skin is white in color. However, this is not true.

The base color is red, bay or black. White spots are randomly scattered over this shade. When crossing animals of different colors, variegated foals can be obtained only if at least one parent has the desired gene.

Horse breeds with this color

Today, there are several varieties of skewbald horses. Each of them has a number of features.


Tobiano skewbald horses have dark sides on one or both sides. In this case, the limbs below the knees are white in color. Areas with dark hair are characterized by a round or oval shape. They look symmetrical and form a kind of shield. The tail of animals of this suit often has 2 colors at once.

uniqueness of color;

undemanding to the conditions of detention;

spectacular appearance.

high price;

difficulties with the search.


These horses are characterized by white spots at the bottom of the body. They cover the belly and sides. Moreover, there are no such areas on the back. As a result, it appears that the horse has multiple colored fields. Among the representatives of this suit, animals with a white head and dark limbs are often found.

decorative appearance;

high degree of endurance;

tricolor color.

high cost of animals;

the risk of mortality in young animals;

the rarity of the breed.


These animals combine the properties of 2 breeds - Overo and Tobiano. When animals are crossed, it is possible to obtain a foal that combines the characteristics of the parents. In this case, the cub usually inherits the gene from the parent with the maximum number of white spots on the trunk.

an abundance of white spots;

unique appearance;


difficulties in purchasing;

high price.

Suit problems

The gene abnormalities associated with piebald color of animals have not only positive consequences. High mortality in young animals is considered a common problem.

This is more characteristic of the skewbald horses of the frame overro. After the mating of two animals that belong to this breed, in 25% of the cub dies in the first hours after birth. This is due to insufficient development of the digestive system.

It is also possible that other problems arise that are associated with gene mutations. These include dermatological pathologies. In addition, animals of these breeds periodically experience paralysis.

Piebald animals are distinguished by their spectacular appearance and unusual color. Therefore, horses are often used for exhibitions, shows, parades. However, it should be borne in mind that gene mutations that lead to piebald color are not well understood. Therefore, animals periodically face problems that have to be eliminated.

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