Characteristics and description of the orange heart tomato variety (Liskin nose), its yield

Characteristics and description of the orange heart tomato variety (Liskin nose), its yield

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Tomato Orange Heart, the second name is Liskin's nose, is a tall variety, distinguished by its large size of fruits and excellent taste. Early ripening, often found in the collection of vegetable growers. Grown mainly for the sake of delicious salads from the garden - this is a nutritious and healthy product. It is not stored for long, it is eaten mainly fresh. It is better to use other varieties for preservation.

Description of the bush

The height of the bush can reach 1.8 meters. Multi-branched, the best yield is achieved when two branches are formed. Leafy bush. Garter and pinning required. The inflorescence is simple.

Description of tomato

The fruit is large, early ripening. Heart-shaped, slightly ribbed. Weight reaches 250 - 300 grams. The color is yellow-orange. Reviews of vegetable growers positively assess the quality of the fruit - juicy, aromatic, sweet.

Ideal for preparing various sauces, salads or tomato juice. They are eaten mostly fresh, rich in B vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants.

For people with diseases of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, dishes from fried, boiled or stewed tomatoes are recommended. Combines well with other products. You can cook tomato and cheese casseroles, pies, add to potatoes or borscht. Those who planted the variety in the greenhouse can enjoy the sweetish taste of tomato already in August.


  • has a marketable appearance and excellent taste;
  • during the period of ripening and formation of fruits, it tolerates a lack of moisture well;
  • large-fruited;
  • high yield - up to 6 kilograms of excellent fruits can be harvested from one square meter;
  • unpretentious to the climate - can be grown in almost all regions of Russia.


  1. Plants and fruits do not tolerate well the proximity of soil bacteria. Leaves, yellow inflorescence and ovary are especially affected. Susceptible to late blight. Regular spraying with disinfectant solution and airing of the greenhouse helps.
  2. The fruits are poorly suited for long-term storage and preservation. They burst easily, crack and soften in cans.
  3. Poorly tolerates long-term transportation.

Canned tomato juice can be prepared for the winter. Tomatoes Orange heart are passed through a juicer. Then the juice is brought to a boil, spices are added and rolled into sterilized jars. The squeeze is not thrown away - this is a good dressing for borscht. You can lay it fresh, but it is better to stew it in a skillet with a little oil.

Care features

Since culture is subject to

fungal diseases, it is recommended to thoroughly process the seeds before planting.

You can use the following methods:

  1. Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and stir thoroughly. This is necessary so that all the manganese grains dissolve in the water and do not burn the seeds. After that, the planting material must be rinsed in the prepared solution and dried. You can use a household hairdryer. The temperature of the warm air flow should not exceed 40 degrees.
  2. A weak solution of copper sulfate. We repeat all the above procedures.

Next, we follow the recommendations of gardeners and breeders who grew seedlings. Seeds are germinated and planted 60 - 65 days before the intended planting in a greenhouse or in open beds.


Living space is essential for good seedling growth. Seedlings dive in about a month. Each plant should have at least 1 - 3 square meters. see for development. When diving, they are guided by a simple rule: weak shoots are removed first.


To strengthen the immune system, plants are periodically hardened before planting. The technique is simple: every day the airing time in the open air is increased. When the plant calmly tolerates hardening for up to several hours, you can plan planting.

To increase yields, they use a simple grandmother's method. Soon after planting, a yellow formation appears on the stems - flowers and an ovary, from which the fruit is formed. Since tomatoes are representatives of self-pollinating plants, it is recommended to periodically shake the bushes. This helps the formation of ovaries, which leads to increased yields.


It is best to plant seedlings in the evening. The delicate foliage is sensitive to sunlight and can be damaged. After planting, you need to water the plant at the root. After the adaptation period, a regular feeding and watering schedule can be organized.


The most favorable temperature for normal crop growth is in the range of +18 - 25 degrees:

  1. With a decrease, all metabolic processes slow down, which can lead to the death of stems, leaves and damage developing hearts.
  2. The increase also does not give the expected acceleration of growth. At temperatures above 25 degrees, tomatoes can sterilize and not produce fruit.

In the characteristics and description of the Orange Heart tomato variety, it is not said about the influence of other crops on the growth of the plant. If you take this point into account, you can achieve increased yields.

It is enough to adhere to a few simple tips:

  1. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family and tolerate well the neighborhood, for example, with peppers. It is possible to plan in advance the planting of different crops in the same vegetable garden or greenhouse.
  2. Crop rotation. By applying agricultural production methods in practice, significant results can be achieved. The rules of farming work perfectly on a private plot. When planting crops of the same family on the same soil, we contribute to its degeneration.

This is due to two factors:

  • consumption of the same type of elements;
  • development of a population of aggressive bacteria.

By following simple advice and based on your own experience, you can get an excellent harvest of Orange Heart tomatoes.

Unpretentiousness and good return, unforgettable sweet taste and excellent culinary compatibility with other products make this variety popular with many agricultural lovers.

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