Description of the tomato variety Pink sugar, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Pink sugar, features of cultivation and care

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Tomatoes of all colors and shades can be found in modern household plots. Pink tomatoes occupy a worthy place among them. They are valued for their high selenium content, which prevents aging, activates metabolism and maintains immunity. Tomato Pink sugar is famous not only for its beneficial properties, but also for its unusually sweet taste.

Features of the variety

Tomato Sugar pink - mid-season variety of semi-determinant type. Begins to bear fruit in 110-115 days after germination.

Description of the plant:

  • in greenhouses, bushes grow up to 1.5 m, in open ground - no more than 1 m;
  • leaves are large, light green;
  • inflorescences are simple, the first is laid over 7-9 leaves;
  • internodes are short, the distance between the hands is 12–18 cm;
  • yield - 5-6.5 kg per 1 sq. m;
  • resistant to major tomato diseases.

Fruit characteristics:

  • flat-round shape, even;
  • weight from 150 to 200 grams;
  • the skin is dense and smooth;
  • the color of ripe fruits is pale pink;
  • inside the fruit is divided into 6 segments or more;
  • the pulp is fleshy and juicy, with a high sugar content.

The variety is declared as a salad, but due to its excellent taste and juicy pulp, tomatoes are successfully suitable for various homemade preparations.

Growing and care

In 2010, the tomato cultivar Sugar pink was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation under film shelters and in the open field. Agrotechnics:

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings is done in March. Seeds are placed in the previously prepared and moistened soil 1.5–2 cm deep, sprinkled with earth or peat on top.
  • The container is covered with foil and placed in a warm place for germination.
  • After the first "knees" hatch, the film is removed, and the container is transferred to the windowsill. In this case, it is important that the room temperature is + 20-22 degrees.
  • When the sprouts acquire the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive and carry out the first feeding.
  • When the shoots get stronger, they begin to harden, prepare for the upcoming planting. To do this, daily containers with future tomatoes are taken out into the fresh air. The course of hardening begins with a few minutes, gradually increasing the time of "walks".
  • They begin to plant in greenhouses from mid-April, under film shelters - in early May, in open ground - not earlier than early June. It is important to plant the seedlings before flowering. If the bush has nevertheless outgrown and bloomed, the brush with flowers should be removed to prevent premature crowning.
  • After planting, the plants need standard care: regular loosening, weeding and hilling. Watering is recommended at the root, rarely, but abundantly.
  • Although the growth of the bushes is limited, they still need additional support. Tomatoes should be tied under the first brush.
  • During the season, they carry out from 4 to 6 dressings with complex mineral fertilizers.
  • It is more profitable to form bushes into 2-3 stems, while leaving a reserve stepchild in case of early completion of the central stem. This will allow the growing process to continue.

Reviews of experienced gardeners say that "Pink Sugar" is not intended for long-term storage, and it is better to remove tomatoes from the bush when green. This will prevent them from cracking or being damaged during transportation. They ripen well in any warm and dry place.


Alexandra, Volgograd:

“The name of the variety speaks for itself. The tomatoes are all smooth, of a beautiful pink color. Delicious and sweet. "

Zinaida, Kursk:

“Having studied the description of the variety, I decided to plant pink sugar. The variety is fruitful, fruitful for a long time, did not hurt anything. The main thing is to remove the tomatoes from the bush in time, otherwise they will burst. "

Elena, Moscow:

“I have been growing Pink Sugar for the fifth year. Fruits well with good stability. The taste of tomatoes, even at half-ripeness, is already sweet. Suitable for both fresh consumption and preservation. "

Ksenia, Novosibirsk:

“Three years ago, on the advice of the seller, I bought brown sugar seeds, I liked the variety very much. And last year, in search of something new, I came across Pink Sugar. I planted it, grew it in a greenhouse, no problems arose. The tomatoes are richly sweet and juicy. The best variety for vegetable juices and ketchups. "

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