Main characteristics and description of the Summer striped apple variety, subspecies and their distribution in the regions

Main characteristics and description of the Summer striped apple variety, subspecies and their distribution in the regions

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The summer striped apple tree is currently popular with gardeners, since the species is quite unpretentious to care for and gives an excellent harvest. The apple has excellent taste characteristics, it is attractive in appearance and very juicy. Many people like its pleasant taste. Summer striped is deservedly considered one of the best among the many summer varieties.

Description and features

This variety is quite unpretentious, which makes it especially popular among gardeners. Fruits ripen early, are ready for consumption immediately after harvest and do not require additional ripening. According to the external description of this variety, this is a sturdy tree of high growth, which has a strong stem and a not too dense rounded crown. It blooms with large cupped flowers, white with a pink tint. The trunk and branches are dark brown, the shoots are small and lighter in color.

Pros and cons of the variety

Summer striped has many advantages that make it one of the favorite among gardeners. Here are the main ones:

  • the tree gives a stable harvest regardless of weather conditions.
  • apple trees have high fertility;
  • the species is great for breeding on an industrial scale;
  • early ripening of fruits;
  • fruits have an excellent presentation and good taste;
  • the tree begins to bear fruit from the 4th year of life;
  • these apples are excellent for canning and other processing.

It should be borne in mind that this variety requires pollinators, the best of which are:

  1. Prize prize.
  2. Creamy Chinese.
  3. Miasskoe.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the partial crumbling of unripe apples, as well as the short shelf life of the fruits - only 2 weeks. Then they start to deteriorate and wither.

Main characteristics

To get a good harvest of apples, you should take into account some of the features of this type.

Dimensions (edit)

The tree is standard, has a fairly high growth. On average, it is 4-5 meters.


The variety brings a very high quality and high yield. With proper care, up to 35 kg of apples can be harvested from one tree. A hectare can give a huge yield of up to 200 centners.

The frequency of fruiting

Fruits ripen in summer. The fruits are removed in the second decade of August... The variety is characterized by regular fruiting, but with age and with inadequate care, the frequency of fruiting can increase to two years.

Winter hardiness

Summer striped tolerates low temperatures well. The variety was bred, including for use in cold northern latitudes. Therefore, subject to agrotechnical rules and proper feeding, the tree can tolerate temperatures up to 35 degrees below zero.

Disease resistance

The summer striped apple tree has an average level of disease resistance. Although there are some diseases that pose a serious danger:

  1. Powdery mildew.
  2. Fruit rot.
  3. Cytosporosis.
  4. Bacterial burn.

Such apple trees are especially prone to scab damage. They can also be affected by apple moth and flower beetle. However, when using special drugs, the harm from diseases can be minimized.

Fruit assessment

The fruits are not very heavy, on average it is from 90 to 150 grams. The fruit has a round-conical shape.

Rarely, this type of fruit has ribbing. The color of the apple is white-green, the sides have a red-pink tint.

The structure of the pulp is fine-grained, the density is low. The apple of this type tastes sweet and sour, has a pronounced pleasant aroma. The chemical composition of the fruit includes:

  • dry matter - 13.8%;
  • sugars - 10%;
  • 0.75% titrated acids;
  • 16 mg of ascorbic acid per 100 grams of product.

It has good marketability: annually 15-20% of the crop is of the highest grade, 35-40% of the fruits are of the first grade.

What are the subspecies?

There are several varieties of this variety. They differ slightly in their characteristics.


This subspecies was created with the aim of strengthening the frost resistance of apple trees. The tree lives up to the name: it grows up to 2 meters, compact. Has a rounded crown. The apple weighs approximately 150 g. It produces a good harvest even in regions with a cold climate.


This subspecies has a pyramidal crown and branches hanging down. Elongated apples weighing about 110 kg. This subspecies is valuable for its high yield and extreme unpretentiousness.

Distribution in regions

Summer striped is actively used for planting in central Russia, as well as in Ukraine and Belarus. In Siberia and the Urals, the tree takes root well, but you should additionally cover the bole in the cold season. Subject to the rules of agricultural technology, it takes root and gives a bountiful harvest in various regions.

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