Instructions for use and composition of Aquarin, fertilizer dosage and analogues

Aquarium is a line of Russian-made fertilizers that are very popular with many farmers and gardeners. At the same time, the assortment of the company includes fertilizing for different crops. They differ in composition and principle of action. In this case, it is important to choose the right composition and follow the instructions for its use. Compliance with safety rules is of great importance.

The composition and form of the fertilizer "Aquarin"

The mineral fertilizer is produced by the Buisk Chemical Plant. It belongs to the NPK category, as it includes the basic substances necessary for plants. These include phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Also in the composition of the top dressing there are important trace elements. The funds are available in powder form.

The main advantage of Aquarin preparations is the complete absence of salts that provoke dehydration of crops. That is why the products do not have a toxic effect on plants.

"Aquarin" can be used on different types of soil. It is permissible to use it even on soils poor in organic matter. Also, the composition is suitable for feeding flower crops. In addition to saturating plants with valuable substances, the product helps to make them more resistant to climatic factors and parasites. In addition, the preparation improves the assimilation of standard fertilizers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Only important micro- and macroelements are present in the composition of "Aquarin". In addition, valuable substances in the product are present in the form of chelates. This is an innovative form of release, because the products from this line are considered the latest generation drugs.

Fertilizers "Aquarin" contribute to the rapid development of plants in open ground and greenhouse conditions. They can be used for a whole year - only the winter period is considered an exception. The compositions allow to increase the resistance of plants to diseases and infections by 90%. In addition, they provide reliable protection against parasites.

In addition, the advantages of fertilizers include the following:

  • an increase in the flowering period of ornamental plants;
  • acceleration of fruit ripening;
  • no harmful side effects;
  • no risk of accumulation of nitrates or other hazardous elements;
  • economical consumption.

The cost of dressing is low, which is considered another plus. However, the most important advantage is the mild effect on the plants, which avoids overfeeding.

The disadvantages of funds include the following:

  • the need for the last treatment no later than 30 days before harvesting the fruits;
  • the inability to use funds for a long time - already for 3 years there is a risk of developing addiction;
  • no reduction in the time of working with the soil - quite often it is necessary to use additional means for soil reclamation.

Fertilizers "Aquarin" are considered weakly acidic. This feature should be taken into account when using funds. In this case, the composition can be combined with many pesticides.

The mechanism of work and the purpose of the tool

Fertilizers can be applied by root and foliar method. This combined composition has a broad spectrum of action. It is permissible to use it for different crops - garden, vegetable garden or ornamental.

Preparations from the "Aquarin" line are distinguished by an effective effect on any plants, since they include, in addition to the main nutrients, chelating substances. They are easily assimilated by crops, help to cope with micronutrient deficiencies and chlorosis.

Application for different crops

"Aquarin" is characterized by different forms of release. At the same time, the content of active components in fertilizers is different. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the right composition depending on the purpose of the product.

For potatoes

The instruction for potato fertilizer recommends starting to feed the bushes the first time they grow to 10-15 centimeters. The second treatment is carried out during the formation of buds, and the third - after the end of flowering. For 1 hundred square meters, it is worth using 300-500 grams of the substance.

For seedlings

It is worth using "Aquarin for seedlings" from February to June. This tool can be used for sprouts of any culture. It is allowed to apply the composition by root or sheet method. To do this, it is worth mixing 10-20 grams of the substance with 10 liters of water. It is required to apply the drug with an interval of 1-2 weeks. This can be done before and after planting in the soil.

For flowering

A variation of the preparation "For flowering" is used to increase the decorative properties of the culture. The composition can be used from May to August. It is suitable for a wide variety of plants. To prepare the nutrient solution, you need to mix 10 grams of fertilizer with 10 liters of water.

For fruiting

Fertilizers "For fruiting" help to increase the parameters of plant productivity. To do this, mix 25 grams of the product with 10 liters of water. Throughout the year, it is required to apply the drug up to 5 times. The last feeding is carried out no later than 14 days before harvesting.

For vegetables

When using vegetable dressing, fertilizer is applied at the stage of emergence of sprouts, which corresponds to the initial stage of the growing season. Then the drug is applied at the stage of formation of fruits or root crops.

You can also fertilize vegetables using a foliar method. It is important to take into account that when planting, it is required to take a composition for seedlings, and after planting, use a special feeding. When choosing it, you should be guided by the name.

For strawberries

To fertilize the bushes, you need to use Strawberry Aquarin. With its help, it is possible to make strawberries more resistant to diseases, parasites and the influence of unfavorable climatic factors. The composition must be applied 3 times during the season.

For the first time, fertilizer is applied immediately after the snow melts. This is done by sprinkling. To make a solution, you need to take 25 grams of the product per 10 liters of water. The second time, the composition must be added at the time of bud formation. When preparing the composition, you need to mix 15 grams of the drug and 10 liters of water.

The last time to apply the drug is required after the end of the fruiting period. Thanks to this, it will be possible to make the fruits larger and improve their taste.

Fruit and berry crops

The amount of product used is influenced by many factors:

  • soil type;
  • the age of the culture;
  • the presence of pathologies.

Therefore, during the growing season, fertilizer must be applied 2-4 times. In this case, each bush or tree is required to be watered. It is impossible to spray the plantings. To improve plant growth, use "Fruit and Berry Aquarine".

Berry bushes such as strawberries and strawberries should only be treated with Strawberry Aquarium. For grapes, the "Fruit and berry" preparation is suitable. It is used when symptoms of chlorosis occur. The composition is required to be applied by the foliar method.

For conifers

Conifers also need fertilization. In this case, "Aquarin" is introduced into the trunk circle. It is permissible to apply 2-5 dressings. For conifers, it is worth using these types of mixtures:

  • "Super" - used in spring and promotes the active development of crops;
  • "Fruit" - used exclusively in summer.

For the lawn

It is recommended to use Aquarin Color for lawn grass. This drug is considered universal. It must be applied by spraying. It is recommended to use the composition after the sprouts appear. It is allowed to do this 2-4 times during the season.

For flowers

"Floral Aquarine" can be used for different types of flowers. Therefore, it is used to fertilize decorative, garden, indoor, balcony varieties of plants.

Before processing, it is worth wiping the foliage and stems with clean water. This will improve the absorption of the food. Then you need to choose the method of depositing. This can be done by watering or spraying. It is worth adding the composition during the growing season. It is important to take into account the type of culture:

  1. Indoor and decorative deciduous plants are fed once a week during the growing season. During the rest period, it is worth adding the composition with an interval of 30 days.
  2. Annuals and balcony flowers should be fertilized once every 14 days.
  3. Roses and perennials are fed for the first time after waking up. Then you need to apply fertilizers at intervals of 2 weeks.

How to protect yourself

To avoid the negative effects of the drug on the body, it is important to use it correctly. In this case, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  1. It is required to prepare the solution with gloves, a respirator and glasses.
  2. The composition should be applied in dry and calm weather. This can be done in the morning or evening.
  3. It is forbidden to drink, eat or smoke while processing the plant.
  4. If the substance comes into contact with the skin, rinse it with plenty of water.
  5. In case of penetration of the drug into the esophagus, you need to drink a lot of water and take several tablets of activated carbon. If there are symptoms of poisoning, you should see a doctor.

Serious errors

When using Aquarin fertilizers, gardeners make the following mistakes:

  1. Too frequent application of drugs. The compounds dissolve easily and give a quick effect. Therefore, some gardeners try to make the composition as often as possible. However, this is not worth doing. Excess drugs accumulate in fruits in the form of hazardous elements.
  2. The use of foliar dressings during the flowering period. In this case, even a weak solution can provoke petal burns. This will disrupt the formation of the ovary.

Terms and conditions of storage

You need to store fertilizers in a dry and dark place. They must be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The funds have an unlimited expiration date.


Effective analogues of the drug include:

  • "Master";
  • "Kristallon".

"Aquarin" is an effective remedy that helps to saturate cultivated plants with valuable substances. In this case, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.

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