Description of the tomato variety Aphrodite, its yield and characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Aphrodite, its yield and characteristics

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Tomato Aphrodite F1 of the Ural selection on the market not so long ago, but has already occupied its niche among farmers growing tomatoes on an industrial scale, summer residents of the Urals and far corners of Siberia. The first generation hybrid has good prospects due to its high productivity.

Main characteristics of Aphrodite tomatoes

Aphrodite F1 - tomatoes are ultra-early ripening, ripen in a greenhouse at 76, maximum - 80 days from germination. Many summer residents are convinced by this characteristic: it is cool to eat tomatoes plucked in their greenhouse in the first half of June. The variety is characterized by a friendly return of the harvest. The hybrid was bred for protected ground (tunnels, greenhouses, greenhouses), in the south it can be cultivated without any problems without shelter.

High summer temperatures are not terrible for the variety - ovaries and flowers do not fall off in the heat... Nevertheless, in hot summer, painting the roof of the greenhouse in white is encouraged; with the optimal temperature regime, the yield is much higher. During tests carried out in industrial greenhouses, high yields were recorded - from 14 kg / m² to 17 kg / m².

A summer resident can achieve a similar result by strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations:

  • landing per square meter - no more than 4 roots of Aphrodite according to the scheme 40 cm by 50 cm;
  • keeping a tomato bush in 3, maximum - 4 stems;
  • weekly removal of stepchildren;
  • installation of support, fixation on the support of the trunk and fruiting brushes;
  • filling the soil during planting with mineral fertilizers and organic matter;
  • feeding with complex fertilizers after transplanting, during flowering, during the period of setting the first fruits;
  • organization of artificial or natural ventilation in the greenhouse to maintain an optimal level of air humidity;
  • watering at least once a week in moderate weather, in hot weather - 3 times;
  • weeding and loosening of row spacings.

Fruits are medium in size: the mass of one tomato does not exceed 115 g. Fruits are covered with a firm, glossy skin, red when fully ripe. Ripe pulp is bright red, moderately sweet, has a mature tomato flavor. Fruits are collected in medium-sized clusters of 6 to 8 tomatoes each.

The hybrid is characterized by evenness of fruits, regular round shape, simultaneous ripening. Simultaneous ripening of fruits is convenient for industrial cultivation of the variety. The variety is universal according to its purpose. Dense elastic fruits are good for decorating sandwiches, slicing and preparing canned vegetables for the winter.

Bushes of medium height (70 cm), determinant type, well leafy. Bushes need to be formed throughout the season, stepchildren are actively formed. The bushes, formed into 2 - 3 stems, give a good harvest.

The advantages of the Aphrodite hybrid are obvious:

  1. Early and friendly ripening.
  2. Marketable fruits with excellent keeping quality and transportability.
  3. Universal purpose.
  4. Good taste.
  5. High yields in protected and open ground conditions.
  6. Immunity to major tomato diseases.
  7. The productivity of the variety does not depend on the weather.

Aphrodite is a new hybrid with high resistance to fusarium wilt, late blight, and top rot of fruits. Disease prevention does not require the use of chemistry, it is enough to ventilate the greenhouses, water abundantly, but not often, keep the aisles clean, regularly remove excess stepsons and part of the lower leaves.

From country forums

All reviews from the dacha forums of tomato lovers are completely enthusiastic, it is difficult to find negative comments about Aphrodite. There are features of the hybrid that do not correspond to the description of the variety - their summer residents identify them during cultivation. You can read the reviews and find out more details about the hybrid.

Vera, Chelyabinsk region:

“Last season, the summer was unusually hot. In greenhouses, the temperature in the middle of the day approached 40 ° C, no ventilation helped. Several bushes of Aphrodite were planted in a greenhouse for the experiment. The hybrid showed good yields despite the sweltering heat. Aphrodite bore fruit in waves, there were 2 harvests. I liked it - it is convenient, you can plan your sales in the market. I grow tomatoes for the market. It formed bushes into 3 stems, although the description admits 4. Four is definitely a lot, the bushes of Aphrodite and 3 stems turned out to be huge, because of them the greenhouse turned into a jungle.

In the description for the tomato Aphrodite F1, the height of the bush is indicated - 1.1 meters. I have all the bushes of Aphrodite rested against the ceiling of the greenhouse. It was a small disappointment, I had to change the stakes: in the spring I put the supports 1.5 m, their bushes were absolutely not enough.

The tomato crop Aphrodite smoothed out all the shortcomings. The bushes were hung with beautiful tassels. The tomatoes in each cluster were all the same size and ripened almost at the same time. Part of the crop was successfully sold on the market (the crop of the first wave), the second part (the crop of the second wave) was used for harvesting.

Pickled tomatoes in the usual way. The blanks have already been tested, the taste of pickled tomatoes Aphrodite F1 suited us, the appearance also did not disappoint, you can put a solid five ”.


In the Urals and throughout Siberia, Aphrodite tomatoes should be grown in greenhouses, the best option is a polycarbonate greenhouse. In a greenhouse, seedlings can be planted at the end of April. If winter does not recede for a long time, the soil in the greenhouse can be warmed up with the help of shallow trenches filled with biofuel: cattle manure, plant residues.

Seeds and soil for planting purchased in gardening stores must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. The procedure is not long, but effective. Seed germination is good, boxes with sown seeds should be kept warm for a week to accelerate germination. To preserve moisture in the soil, cover the boxes with foil. Already at the end of May, you can plant Aphrodite's seedlings in the greenhouse. By this time, the soil should warm up to 12 - 15 ° C.

Before planting the ridge, fill it with organic matter (compost, humus), ash and mineral fertilizers. Form the holes in 6 pieces per square meter. Stakes must be placed in each hole. In summer, caring for Aphrodite tomatoes comes down to watering, removing weeds, forming and tying bushes to stakes.

In comparison with other popular varieties of tomatoes, Aphrodite F1 has proven itself worthy. Despite its novelty, the variety has already found its admirers among amateur vegetable growers and small farmers.

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