Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tsar Bell

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tsar Bell

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Tomato Tsar Bell will appeal to beginners and experienced amateur gardeners. The determinant standard species is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is suitable for growing in open ground or in greenhouses. The characteristic and description of the variety will help to objectively evaluate the large-fruited plant. The positive opinions received from the specialists who planted the plant make it possible to choose it for growing in a vegetable garden or greenhouse.

Features of the

The tomato bush grows up to 1 m in height, the leaves are dark green, the ovaries are formed after the ninth leaf. The root is quite compact, the fruits are large, therefore, a garter of the bushes is required to avoid their fragility under the weight of the fruit.

Ripe vegetables are large, up to 600 g, red, slightly elongated heart-shaped. The first fruits are larger than the subsequent ones. The yield of the variety is high, with suitable watering and feeding it reaches from 8.6 to 18 kg / sq. m.

The skin is dense, the flesh is fleshy, sweetish taste, can be used raw or for making sauces, juices. Vegetables are not recommended for preservation because of their low acidity.


The reviews of experts are mostly positive. The love of gardeners for the variety is due to a number of its advantages:

  • tomatoes are large and fleshy;
  • vegetables are well stored;
  • it is not difficult to grow a plant, only props and regular feeding are required;
  • the tomato is resistant to diseases and adverse weather conditions;
  • high productivity.

We grow it right

The beginning of March or April, depending on the region, is the time for sowing seeds, which should first be placed in a growth stimulator.

It is necessary to plant the prepared seeds in a light soil containing sod soil, river sand and old humus, to a depth of 1.5 - 2 cm. A layer of peat is poured on top and moistened by spraying. The optimum temperature for seed germination is 25 ° C. Growing tomato sprouts require a lot of light and a drop in temperature. At the stage of formation of the first leaves, tomatoes are transplanted into separate pots.

It is recommended to land in greenhouses in early May, in the ground closer to early June. The main requirement - a sufficiently warmed soil - guarantees a good yield. The optimal placement of the bushes is 3 per 1 sq. m. For the first few days, you should cover the plant with plastic wrap. Watering should be regular (every 6 days), fertilizing with fertilizers is best done 3-4 times per season.

From the moment the seedlings appear until the fruits ripen, 100 days are enough. It will be possible to grow the tomato harvest next season from the harvested seeds, which have excellent germination.

How to protect tomatoes

The description on the seed label states that the variety is quite resistant to diseases: verticillosis, late blight, fusarium. For greater stability, it is recommended to treat the soil with a hot solution of potassium permanganate before planting seedlings, the greenhouses should be regularly ventilated, and tomato leaves should be sprayed with "Fitosporin" to prevent fungal infection. If signs of late blight were found, it is necessary to burn the infected leaves and fruits, and spray the bushes with solutions of preparations containing copper.

To prevent insect infestation, it is recommended to add peat or humus to the soil and prevent weeds from appearing. Soapy water will help get rid of aphids, ash and pepper will prevent slugs from appearing in the soil, and a hydrogen peroxide solution will save plants from Colorado potato beetle larvae.

Large-fruited Tsar Bell tomatoes will take their rightful place in the garden beds, and on the table the tomato will look like a real king due to its excellent taste.

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