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How to save roses on cold nights

How to save roses on cold nights

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In August, rosebuds fade from cold nights. What can be done to protect them?


One of the main rules of gardeners: choose varieties of flowers adapted to your area of ​​residence. You can increase the immunity of the bushes by fertilizing mineral fertilizers. This should be done several times a season.

In the spring to stimulate the growth of shoots and roots (ammonium nitrate with complex fertilizer and fermented mullein).

In the summer to restore and form new shoots (manure, potassium nitrate). In autumn, for the ripening of shoots and preparation for winter (mineral fertilizer, slurry, peat).

During the flowering period, roses are not fed. The antidepressant Epin prevents rose bushes from being damaged during transplanting, pruning, cutting flowers, cooling or drought (1 ampoule per 5 liters of water). Also from the early nightly low temperatures helps the root bump of the bush with sand or shelter with any covering material.


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