Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Dusya red

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Dusya red

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Anyone who has planted a tomato Red Dusya at least once falls in love with it once and for all. You can rarely find such a set of qualities in one variety: unpretentiousness, stable yields, excellent taste. The new promising hybrid successfully grows and bears fruit in open ground, in unheated greenhouses, in tunnels.

Everything about tomato Dusya red

Dusya red tomatoes, according to the description, can be grown in any region of the country under any type of shelter, but, judging by the reviews, the variety shows good results when grown outdoors. The variety is young, but has already occupied its niche among tomato lovers. The description of the variety from the manufacturer coincides with the reviews of amateur vegetable growers. In terms of ripening, the tomato is medium early: the beginning of fruiting occurs after the emergence of shoots in the interval of 90 - 100 days.

Growth is the main characteristic of the bush. Dusya's height can vary from 70 - 80 cm to 1.5 meters. It is recommended to keep the bush in 2 stems, it needs support and a timely garter, brushes with 5-6 fruits are heavy, require fixation. The first brush is tied in the bosom of the 7th leaf, all subsequent ones are tied over every fourth leaf. List of all characteristics of the fetus:

  • calibrated;
  • plum-shaped, oval shape;
  • weight 150 - 200 g;
  • the pulp is dense;
  • the taste is excellent;
  • few seeds;
  • the color is red.

The fruits can be used for any purpose: for preparations for the winter, in the preparation of the first, second courses and salads.

A table of the advantages and disadvantages of a new promising variety:

Stable yieldNot
Disease immunity
Rarely affected by pests
The fruits ripen together
Long-term fruiting
Tomatoes are stored for a long time without losing their taste and presentation

Dusya red - from seed to harvest

The planting time is calculated from the time of transplantation into a greenhouse or open ground. The estimated value is the age of seedlings, for Dusya red it is 50 - 60 days. From the estimated date of transplantation, the age of the seedlings is taken away and the time for sowing seeds for seedlings is obtained.

Before sowing, the seeds should be kept in a solution of potassium permanganate for 15 - 20 minutes (the solution is slightly pink). Treat the soil with temperature (in the oven), potassium permanganate solution, fungicide ("Fitosporin-M"). It is worth sowing in plastic seedling boxes, the height of the walls of the seedling box is not higher than 7 cm. The soil is well moistened, the seeds are laid out according to the scheme 2.5 * 4 cm, sprinkled with a layer of humus or soil 1.5 - 2 cm.

Cover the boxes with foil or glass until shoots appear. Maintain the room temperature at 23 - 25 ° C.

When planting in the ground, adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations: place no more than three Dusya red bushes on 1 square meter. During the season, feed the tomatoes several times with mineral fertilizers. Water regularly (every 5 days), abundantly... Tie the bush to a support, lead in 2 - 3 stems.

Lovers of yellow tomatoes can be recommended the variety Dusya yellow - summer residents speak well of it.


Irina, Republic of Khakassia:

“The variety Dusya Krasnaya is one of my favorites, I have been planting it in a polycarbonate greenhouse for the third year. I sow seeds for seedlings in early March (first decade), after April 20, I transplant them into a greenhouse. Bushes of medium height, from 80 cm to 1 m, require garters, neat, minimal maintenance. For three years, not a single bush was sick, they always bore fruit stably.

Tomatoes are one of the first to sing, only tall Budenovka keeps up with Dusya. The fruit tastes good and looks very cute, we eat it in salads, although they are also great for pickling. I feed it at the root 3 times a season, in July I spray it with a solution of boric acid once, once with milk and iodine. After foliar dressing, Dusya begins a new wave of flowering, I take off the last tomatoes at the end of August. "

Elena, Voronezh:

“I have been buying seeds from the Siberian Garden company, I have been planting Dusya red since 2011. I love it for its unpretentiousness and stable yields. Dusya bears fruit well in any weather. The shape and size of the tomato is ideal for whole fruit canning. At the beginning of summer, I make an assortment with young cucumbers, and add fruits from Dusya. The assortment turns out to be beautiful and tasty. Next season I want to buy Dusya orange seeds, they praise him very much. "


Dusya Krasnaya is an excellent choice for summer residents who rarely go out of town. Growing tomatoes will be an enjoyable experience. With minimal care and in any weather, Dusya will provide seven tomatoes, as evidenced by the positive feedback from gardeners. The variety is excellent - try it, share your impressions of a relatively young variety of domestic selection.

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