Description and characteristics of the Peking Joy watermelon variety, varieties and growing conditions

Description and characteristics of the Peking Joy watermelon variety, varieties and growing conditions

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Every gardener dreams of growing a watermelon on his plot, which will be distinguished by an attractive shape, size, unsurpassed fruit taste and does not require much time for planting and care. These include the Peking Joy watermelon. It has already established itself and received high marks for its characteristics and key indicators.

Description and characteristics of the variety

The Peking Joy watermelon series occupies a leading position in the ranking of popular crop varieties. The plant has a medium vigor. The bushes are decorated with rounded striped berries with a strong bark, colored green with black stripes. The pulp is red in color, grainy, characterized by excellent sweetness and a large amount of sugar. Large berries weigh up to 12 kg.

Advantages of the variety:

  • high yield rates;
  • fruits for universal purposes with an increased assessment of taste:
  • the possibility of growing both in the open air and in a greenhouse;
  • resistance to diseases and pests inherent in the culture;
  • preservation of taste and presentation during transportation over long distances;
  • the duration of storage of the crop when certain conditions are created.

The only drawback is the poor tolerance of sudden temperature changes.


The watermelon variety Beijing Joy is divided into types such as:

  1. Delicious Beijing joy. The growing season from the moment the shoots appear to the mature fruit is only 80-90 days. Fruits in the form of a circle, lined, colored green with the presence of dark stripes. Under the elastic bark there is a red-raspberry-colored sugar pulp. The hybrid is popular for its high sugar content, pulp density and good yield.
  2. Peasant Peking joy. A medium late hybrid, the period of technical ripeness begins 95-105 days after the formation of the first shoots. Fruits are oval-shaped, striped and have a thick, strong skin. Red pulp is sweet, granular and sugar. The weight of one berry is more than 8 kg. It arouses interest among gardeners for its high quality, good yield.
  3. Great Beijing joy. The variety belongs to medium early hybrids, the ripening period of which is 80-85 days. Round fruits, large, striped. The pulp is bright red, sugar and juicy. The weight of one fruit varies from 6 to 16 kg. The crop is suitable for short storage.
  4. Farmer's Beijing joy. A variety of early maturing hybrids, the ripening period from planting seedlings in open soil or in a greenhouse is 85-90 days. Fruits with a round shape with a green, black-striped bark. The red pulp is characterized by juiciness, sweetness, granularity and contains 12% sugars. The weight of one berry is 5-8 kg. It has earned its attention by a successful combination of early maturity, large-fruited and increased sugar content.

What conditions are necessary for good growth and harvest

Watermelon Beijing Joy is a heat-loving, heat-resistant plant. Therefore, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for it so that the culture grows and develops normally.

Soil quality

Watermelon is very fond of warmth, so it does not tolerate darkening and needs sandy soils. The plant is drought tolerant, responsive to fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is not advised to erect watermelons after nightshade and pumpkin crops.

To avoid the accumulation of fusarium and other dangerous pathogens in the soil, you should adhere to the crop rotation and erect in the same place after 7-8 years.

Watering frequency

The key to obtaining a high-quality and quantitative harvest is compliance with irrigation standards. When watering, use warm water. Water gently without wetting the foliage and the cotyledonous knee.

Watermelon Peking Joy is characterized by a powerful root system and has a large suction power, delivering enough water from the ground to the plant. And when the fruits begin to ripen, watering should be abandoned so that the berries accumulate more sugar.

Introduction of dressings and microelements

To accelerate the growth of the Peking Joy watermelon bushes, it is required to provide it in the required amount with all the nutritional elements. For these purposes, fertilizers are used, consisting of organic and mineral products. They will improve development, activate flowering and help to form fruits quickly. To obtain yields, preference should be given to compositions containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The dosage of fertilization depends on the soil, climate, sowing time.

Cultivation methods and technology

The construction of watermelons of the Peking Joy variety is an interesting process, and with proper cultivation, this culture can be obtained in any region.

Greenhouse cultivation

In areas with a harsh climate, watermelons of the Peking Joy variety in the open air do not have time to ripen. A good quality crop can only be obtained by cultivation in a greenhouse, which will help to adjust the weather conditions and make them suitable for the growth of sweet watermelons.

To speed up the process, first, watermelon seedlings are erected at home, and then they are planted in a garden bed in a greenhouse.

Planting seedlings in a greenhouse is carried out according to a certain algorithm:

  1. Pre-prepare the soil by digging it up and adding nutrients such as peat, humus, potassium salt, superphosphate.
  2. Form bulk beds, place along the walls of the greenhouse, 30 cm high, 50-80 cm wide, keeping a distance between rows of 1 m.
  3. Dig holes 10 cm deep.
  4. Carefully remove the seedlings from the pots together with a clod of earth to avoid damaging the root system.
  5. Place the plants in a checkerboard pattern, keeping a distance of 50-70 cm from each other.
  6. When planting, leave the root collar on the surface, since its deepening can provoke decay.
  7. Drizzle and mulch with sawdust.

In the future, surround the watermelons of the Peking Joy variety with attention and care, performing all the care measures on which the survival rate of the seedling, the onset of fruiting, the vitality, quantity and quality of the future harvest will depend.

Cultivation of watermelons in a greenhouse is a painstaking process that requires constant monitoring of various indicators. Such a structure will help grow a handsome melon both in the southern regions and in the North.

In the open field

Before planting, soak the seeds in warm water until they hatch. Make holes and sow the prepared seed material into open soil at a soil temperature of 12-14 degrees in early May. The planting depth is 5-8 cm. After sowing, mulch with humus in order to avoid the formation of a crust that prevents the germination of sprouts. Seedlings will not be long in coming and are formed in 8-10 days. Subsequently, care is reduced to watering, feeding, loosening, weeding the soil and destroying weeds.

Diseases and pests. Ways to fight

Throughout the growing season, it is necessary to provide the Beijing Joy watermelon with protection from diseases and pests. Damage to the leaves of a crop can significantly reduce yields, impair the taste of the pulp, lead to the formation of bark necrosis and sunburn.

The most dangerous diseases are fusarium, anthracnose, powdery mildew. Of the pests, melon aphids, wireworms, and bears are considered the worst enemies.

Ways to fight disease:

  • observe a competent crop rotation;
  • collect seed only from healthy fields and fruits;
  • carry out chemical spraying: pickle seeds 2-3 months before sowing;
  • treat plants against powdery mildew with a suspension of colloidal sulfur, anthracnose - 1% Bordeaux composition.

In the fight against insects, you need to apply certain techniques:

  • spray the bushes of plants with chemicals;
  • collect and destroy plant residues in all areas where pumpkin crops were cultivated, followed by deep plowing;
  • eliminate all weed plants within a radius of 100 m near melons.

Caring for a watermelon is simple, it is important to monitor the condition of the plant and carry out all agricultural techniques. In return for attention and care, it will thank you with a rich harvest of sweet berries. The Peking Joy watermelon variety forms a full-fledged fruit that is uniform in shape and color, suitable for cultivation both for home consumption and for commercial use.

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